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Toto Wolff says he would be happy to see former colleague Ross Brawn return to Formula 1 despite apparent acrimony between the pair during their time together at Mercedes.

The multiple championship-winning engineer and team principal, who masterminded nine F1 titles with Benetton, Ferrari and BrawnGP, told the Telegraph this week he would consider a return to the sport in the near future, albeit not with a team.

With Brawn tipped to take on a role with FOM/FIA on the technical side to help establish a blueprint for F1's future, it is hoped introducing a respected 'independent' advisor will smoothen relations between teams in an area that has persistently sparked disagreement.

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However, it is also a return that many feel could unsettle Mercedes F1 boss Wolff, whom Brawn - according to his new book Total Competition - fell out with prior to his exit from the sport at the end of 2013 amidst management disagreements with both the Austrian and Niki Lauda.

However, Wolff dismisses the suggestion of long-lasting acrimony and instead insists he would be very happy to see Brawn back in the F1 paddock at a senior level.

"First of all, there was a lot of controversy around the book he has written, but success and transition is never easy and it is a delicate matter. So for me this is no problem and actually we have been in touch and he has said some quite nice things about us not dropping the ball, and the relationship is intact.

"Ross is hugely experience and has the right personality and technical knowledge to potentially play a big part in Formula One going forward.

"He has been there forever and he has the right distance from being away for a couple of years and if I need to underwrite Ross coming back in a leadership function in Formula One, then he has my vote."

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