RESULTS: Mexican Grand Prix - Qualifying results

Guenther Steiner has confirmed Haas will test Carbone Industrie brakes on one of its cars at the Brazilian Grand Prix as it evaluates dropping current supplier Brembo over continuous brake problems.

Romain Grosjean qualified a lowly 21st positon in Mexico, the last driver on the track as Jolyon Palmer didn't take part in the session due to a cracked chassis.

The Frenchman had been happy with his brakes on Friday, saying that there was "no complaints" after the two practice sessions, although the problems re-occurred in his Haas which contributed to his overall struggles with the car.

"We had issues with the brakes in FP3 and we changed the front discs again for qualifying, but the qualifying lap the brake problem was overridden by the setup issues," Steiner said.

"They both complained about the brake being inconsistent even in qualifying, but with so low grip you don't know is it the brake or the tyre. We need to get a little bit more grip which we don't get maybe."
With the brake problems plaguing the team throughout the season causing havoc with the setup of the car as well as completely failing during a race, the team decided to trial a new supplier in Carbon Industrie.

"It's a test so we don't know [which sessions they will be used], if it's perfect maybe we keep them on for FP3."

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"If we switch we have to wait for next year, because carbon material takes a long time to make, so we need to let them know in advance.

"This test was planned a long time ago but it takes so long to prepare everything, so it's not a surprise for us, we didn't decide this in Austin. You need to do recalculation because this is high technology, you need to make sure you do the best you can. It's not like in the old days where you bolt a brake on and you go. It takes a lot of engineering and design work until you get it on. So we'll do a test and see where we'll get to, and then we will see in Brazil if we keep them on for FP3."

As with any good news there's always bad news accompanying it; only one driver will get the chance to test the new parts as Haas gather enough parts for both cars in the time period.

"We couldn't get enough parts for two. We still need to decide who is going to test them, we don't know yet. It's a test and maybe we go out there and the drivers don't like them."

by Josh Kruse

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