Ferrari team principal has expressed his anger at the FIA for the 'bureaucracy' that he feels robbed Sebastian Vettel of a podium in the Mexican Grand Prix.

Vettel was given a post-race 10secs penalty after he was judged to have broken the FIA's new rule against 'changing direction under braking', ironically a regulation the German had lobbied vocally for prior to its implementation only last week in Austin.

Coming after Vettel himself was promoted to the podium thanks to a five-second penalty handed to Max Verstappen, with the four-time champion demoted to fifth place behind Daniel Ricciardo and the Dutchman, Arrivabene has slammed the stewards' decision for being 'too harsh' with a penalty that he feels is rooted in bureaucracy.

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"The race could have felt special: we fully deserved this podium, which was taken away by bureaucracy. The whole team had showed great stamina by staying united and focused in a difficult moment.

"Our strategy had made it possible to make good progress through the race and both drivers did a very good job. Unfortunately, we were penalized by Stewards' 'unappealable' decision which, in my opinion, is too harsh and somehow unfair."

Ferrari and Vettel could find themselves in more trouble though if the FIA chooses to investigate him for bringing the sport into disrepute following a spectacular expletive-laden tirade against Race Director Charlie Whiting.

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