RESULTS: Brazilian Grand Prix - Free practice results (2)

Stewards have opted to take no further action against Carlos Sainz or Kimi Raikkonen after an on-track altercation in second free practice for the Brazilian Grand Prix.

The pair came across one another early on in the Interlagos session having slowed after aborting the laps they were on before seemingly attempting to set up for another lap as they rounded the final corner.

However, television footage would then show Raikkonen coming around the outside of Sainz and cutting across in front of him to reach the pit-lane entry, as the Toro Rosso driver continued on his lap.

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Though the incident was placed under investigation for 'alleged slow, erratic or potentially dangerous driving', both drivers told stewards the altercation was more the result of confusion as to the other's intentions, with both agreeing they didn't have to take avoiding action from one another. As a result, stewards decided to take no action.

"Having reviewed the video footage, telemetry, radio broadcasts by the teams and having spoken to the teams and drivers involved, the Stewards determined that no further action was necessary," read the stewards reviews. On the lap concerned both drivers had aborted their lap at about Turn 9.

"Following the abort, both drivers agreed that they were setting up for what they were doing next, not quite understanding what the other was doing. On the uphill prior to the pit entry, Sainz's car was initially at a similar speed to Raikkonen, then having entered harvesting mode, did not accelerate at the same rate as Raikkonen.

"Raikkonen then had to go around Sainz to enter the pits, and because of his greater speed he was able to do so safely. He did enter the pit lane prior to the beginning of the white pit entry line. Both drivers agreed that they did not have to take any avoiding action. The Stewards are satisfied that neither driver drove unnecessarily slowly, erratically or potentially dangerously."

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