Carlos Sainz has called FIA race director Charlie Whiting's attempts to explain the penalty incidents from Mexico in Thursday's drivers' press conference in Brazil 'brave' but feels it demonstrates the current problems in decision-making in F1.

After Whiting stepped up in front of the media using video evidence to explain how the race stewards came to decisions on various incidents from the Mexico Grand Prix Sainz admires the race director's efforts but insisted they were not necessary in the first place.

The Toro Rosso went on to explain it further highlighted the current problems with penalties and knowing as a driver what will and what won't be charged.

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"It's unprecedented and it shows that there's been something going on," Sainz said. "Charlie should never attend a press conference to explain something because it means something previously has been done and maybe not perfect.

"I appreciate the effort of Charlie I think it's brave of him to come and explain it but it means that something before hasn't been perfect or right so it's just a consequence of something not being good."

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Sainz feels both the FIA, drivers and Grand Prix Drivers' Association need to come together at the end of the season to look over incidents during 2016 and find resolutions to rules and decision making, otherwise he's concerned the sport will continue to drive fans away.

"I'm happy to use the winter to analyse the decisions, to analyse incidents, situations, and come up with a plan to improve the situation for next year because if not I have a feeling we're going to keep losing fans, we're going to keep losing people who don't understand the sport that much," he said. "It's a difficult situation which is difficult to for the fans to understand back home.

"Hopefully we come up with a plan to help the FIA. All the drivers will help them to maybe come up with a solution. If it's gravel traps, it's gravel traps. If it's more clear rules, it's more clear rules. If it's drive freely and sort your problems with the drivers then I'm open for that. I don't mind. We just need a route and to take it."

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