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Toto Wolff believes Mercedes one-two performance in the pouring rain at Interlagos was the team's best result of the year and quipped it is exactly what Bernie Ecclestone wanted in order to take the F1 drivers' world title down to the wire.

Lewis Hamilton enjoyed a flawless race in the rain to take a maiden Brazilian Grand Prix victory and close the championship deficit on Nico Rosberg to 12 points after the German driver steered clear of a charging Max Verstappen to take second place.

With the unpredictable conditions and threat of aquaplaning cars, Wolff gave a huge sigh of relief to see both cars reach the chequered flag to take Mercedes' seventh one-two finish of the year and one he says is the team's best of the campaign.

"As Bernie would have ordered it, there will be a showdown in Abu Dhabi," Wolff said. "12 points gap, so they are going to drive it out on track. We just have to give them two cars so they can fight it out on the track.

"You can't expect a one-two in these conditions and this is what is a rare achievement. You have such tricky conditions and to drive it home with a one-two and a faultless drive of Lewis with the best pace in the field. I'm very happy about that result, it's maybe the best result of the season."

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Reflecting on Charlie Whiting's decision to red flag the race on two separate occasions as the rain swept around the Interlagos track, Wolff shares sympathy with the race director as he feels each call was a tricky one with championship at stake and Brazilian fans booing at decisions to suspend the race.

"It's very difficult for the stewards and for Charlie and overall it was probably mostly good calls," he said. "I wouldn't have stopped it last time around because the conditions never change, but if you have to sit up there and put your neck on the line and take responsibility, maybe you see it from a different perspective."

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