Carlos Sainz has admitted the F1 drivers have difficulty in understanding what is now considered fair racing and what will land a penalty, in the latest call to simplify the rulebook to help invigorate the sport.

Both Bernie Ecclestone and Toto Wolff have voiced their intentions to get the F1 Strategy Group to draw up simpler rules, with emphasis around sporting regulations and what is acceptable on track, after the latest spate of incidents for on-track issues.

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Sainz backs these calls explaining the current rules leave some drivers, himself included, finding it hard to understand whether or not they will be penalised and feels it relies too heavily on the race stewards' discretion.

"It's not very easy to understand by myself or the other drivers, especially for the ones who counts: the fans, the viewers, my uncles, my parents, my grandfathers," Sainz said. "They look at the race and they have no clue what is going on. No clue.

"I was at a family dinner last Sunday and they don't understand F1 now. For me it's such a shame that I cannot explain to them. Not even myself, why they put that penalty to one or another so, it's difficult. Difficult situation that I don't enjoy it at the moment."

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The Toro Rosso driver, who equalled his career-best finish of sixth place in Brazil, says the current uncertainties are causing tension within drivers briefings and wants the rule makers to set hard and fast decisions for 2017 to avoid future grey areas.

"I've been involved in situations but those two or three bad things that happen to you, they really piss you off," he said. "It's difficult to accept. There's definitely too much talking going on out of the track about penalties, no penalties, even during the race talking about penalties, expecting a penalty or not. Situations that shouldn't happen."

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