Nico Rosberg says after the fallout from losing to Lewis Hamilton in last year's F1 world title tussle he focused on stepping up his on-track battle skills to help boost his 2016 championship charge.

The German driver's title tilt ultimately ended in 2015 at the United States Grand Prix when while leading the race in mixed conditions and under pressure from Hamilton he slipped off track which allowed his team-mate to win and wrap up the world championship.

Upon being crowned 2016 F1 world champion Rosberg conceded one-on-one track battles had become a weakness of his against his Mercedes team-mate and spent the off-season looking to sharpen his skills by spending plenty of time go-karting.

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Despite having a couple of hairy moments in 2016, most notably against Max Verstappen at Silverstone and Hockenhiem, Rosberg's gains paid off as he pulled off a 'critical' overtake on Verstappen in Abu Dhabi while also fending off a late race charge from Sebastian Vettel.

"In the winter I really think about 'well which areas do I need to work on'," Rosberg said. "For example it was the one-on-one battle which was one of Lewis' strengths and I've tried to work on that, tried to improve and I think I've managed to do that this year which is good.

"I'm definitely at my best this year. I really love to do that, push myself. Try to get better and better all the time."

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