Pirelli has stuck with the same tyre options for F1 teams for the Bahrain Grand Prix as last season, while opts for a step softer for the Russian Grand Prix which has fuelled the belief the new 2017 tyres will suffer slower degradation.

In 2017, Pirelli is introducing wider and fatter tyres as part of the regulations overhaul while maintaining the same compound ranges - from hard to ultrasoft - as last year.

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For the Bahrain race (14-16 April) Pirelli has opted for the same three compound options as last year with medium, soft and supersoft while at least one set of the medium or soft is mandatory to run in the race.

However, for the race in Sochi (28-30 April) the tyre manufacturer has gone softer than 2016 with the soft, supersoft and ultrasoft tyres available to teams in Russia while at least one set of the soft or supersoft is mandatory to run in the race.

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Tyre nominations for long haul races must be made 15 weeks in advance, with European races serving a nine week deadline, to give Pirelli tyre to meet the required allocations picked by teams.

But for the first five F1 races in 2017 all 13 sets of tyres per driver are identical and defined by the new regulations (two of the hardest, four of the middle compound and seven of the softest compound made available).

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