Ross Brawn would like to revisit the idea of introducing a budget cap in Formula One in a bid to control spiralling costs and close the gap between the big manufacturer teams and the privateers.

Liberty Media, which completed its takeover of the sport last week, has already indicated this is a proposal it would like to explore, and Brawn, who has been named F1 managing director of motorsport by the American firm, thinks it is not necessarily unworkable.

"Budget caps have been discussed; people say that they don't work, but they have never actually been tried," Brawn pointed out in an interview with ESPN.

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"There was a voluntary budget cap or resource restriction that didn't work because not everyone volunteered to it in reality. So that is never going to work if you have got some of the teams doing it and some of the teams not.

"I would still like to have a discussion about budget caps and control, and see where people stand on that and if we feel it could be a solution.

"That, for sure, would then bring a limitation to what people can do. But maybe it's nirvana; maybe that is something that can't be achieved because of the range of teams in different countries and different considerations.

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"I'm not saying that we have to have a budget cap, but I think we should certainly discuss it because that does address many issues.

"You've got all the nuances to it, because do the drivers come into the budget cap or not and so on and so forth. But a huge amount of debate went on a few years ago and I think that could be picked up again to just see if that is a solution that could work."

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