Sebastian Vettel has suffered an off on his first day of Pirelli's extra wet tyre tests at Fiorano but the crash was played down by both Ferrari and Pirelli officials.

Pirelli has been granted extra testing time for its 2017 wet tyres ahead of the new season and Sebastian Vettel was on track in a mule car of its 2015 SF15-T using experimental Pirelli rubber.

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It was reported Vettel lost control at turn 7 of Ferrari's private testing track and slid into the barriers causing damage to the car which forced a premature end to the day's track action.

Vettel was unhurt in the collision with the barrier but it isn't yet clear how this will impact the additional days of test running scheduled.

"It was a normal accident on an artificially wet track," a Pirelli spokesperson said. "Before the accident, around 40 laps were driven [by Vettel] in the morning on different kinds of experimental wet tyres - we are testing towards the 2018 season - and good data was collected."

Earlier this week both Kimi Raikkonen and new Ferrari academy driver Antonio Giovinazzi had tested at Fiorano but the Italian manufacturer can't unleash its 2017 challenger until the opening pre-season F1 test in Barcelona later this month.

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