Fernando Alonso says that his maiden test in an Indy car felt "strange" at first before he managed to get up to speed and pass the Rookie Orientation Programme (ROP) ahead of the Indianapolis 500.

Alonso shocked the motorsport world last month by announcing that he would be skipping the Monaco Grand Prix to enter the Indy 500 with McLaren, Honda and Andretti Autosport.

The two-time Formula 1 world champion enjoyed his first test in an Indy car and on an oval at Indianapolis Motor Speedway on Wednesday, easing through the ROP to confirm his place on the grid for the '500.

With the cornering speeds being much higher than in F1 and oval racing being different to anything Alonso has tried before, the Spaniard admitted that it took time to get used to things.

"Definitely it felt new to me and it felt a little bit, yeah, strange, driving anti-clockwise and at those speeds," Alonso said.

"At the beginning, we went through the rookie orientation program with different stages and different speeds. It really helps, the way you build your speed and you get up to speed. So that was the first thing.

"And then later in the day, we were doing some runs just for myself to get a little bit familiar to some of the setup changes they use to do on the car here, some of the even some of the procedures. Now when we have some drops of rain on the visor, we slow down. We were on the pace car simulation and we did some kind of procedures there.

"It's been a very helpful day in terms of knowing all these different world, these different techniques on driving and get up to speed a little bit. Still a long way to go, but I think I'm happy with this first step."

Speaking about the differences between driving an F1 and an Indy car, Alonso said that the added aids on his regular McLaren-Honda made it more straightforward to control.

"I think on the Formula 1, the feeling of just the steering wheel with the power steering and all the helps we have, it feels a little bit easier," Alonso said. "Also the level of downforce, all the sophistication of Formula 1 gives you a little bit more grip and a little bit more predictable car.

"Here is just more raw. It's definitely faster and different. But at the end of the day, we all started in go karts. We all started in the small categories that probably we miss that kind of feeling when you get to Formula 1 and you have everything under control, you know, every single millimeter or every single tenth of a second.

"Here it's more driver input, you know, in different phases of the corner or different runs run."

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