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Sebastian Vettel feels his rivalry with Lewis Hamilton is so amicable both on and off track is down to their 'common passion' of pure racing.

While the two F1 world title contenders live very different lives away from the track - with Vettel holding a guarded family life while Hamilton prefers to share his globetrotting exploits on social media - the Ferrari driver feels their rivalry is healthy given their bond over racing.

The pair shared light-hearted exchanges in the post-race FIA press conference with Hamilton basking in his Spanish Grand Prix victory having passed Vettel thanks to his mirrored Mercedes strategy to be on faster tyres at the finish.

Vettel says he has no grumbles about being beaten by Hamilton at Circuit de Catalunya-Barcelona as he relishes the world title battle to develop throughout the 2017 campaign.

"I think we have a great common passion - we love racing," Vettel said. "Outside the track we are not best friends, I have known him for a long time but I don't have a problem with him. I think we are very different but I don't think that matters. It shouldn't matter.

"I didn't want him to win, I wanted to win, so I'm not entirely happy but at the same time I have nothing to complain or moan about as he drove past us on the track and they did a better job as a team. He did a better job as a driver so there is nothing we can do about it now.

"At the same point you have respect if other people do a good job and he drove a good race to come back at the end and pass us on the track so I have nothing to moan about."

Hamilton and Vettel have now claimed two wins each in 2017, with Valtteri Bottas also winning his maiden F1 race in Russia, which sees the Ferrari driver leading by just six points from the Brit in the world drivers' championship standings.


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