Lewis Hamilton's thumbs up to Lance Stroll during the Canadian Grand Prix was for more than simply being allowed through to lap the youngster, according to Paddy Lowe.

Seven rounds into his rookie F1 season, Stroll climbed from 17th on the grid to finish ninth in front of his home fans after a spirited performance that saw him commit to a number of successful overtakes.

Lapped by Hamilton in that time, the Mercedes driver offered a thumbs up to the Williams driver, a gesture ex-Mercedes technical director Lowe says was more than simply a thank you.

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"There was a nice little element there with Lewis giving him the thumbs up as he lapped him, which I understand Lewis said was more than for just letting him past clearly, it was just 'great race' as I think he followed him for a few laps."

Indeed, Lowe says the outpouring of delight for Stroll's result saw him instinctively begin heading towards the podium after the race.

"Coming off the pit wall, just following the instinct of how I felt I started heading towards the podium! I know it was only ninth, but it seriously felt like a race win, just because we all know it's been a very, very difficult introduction to the sport for him. We've all felt for him and especially in the team willing him to be better and to make the progress.

"I think he went out there today and just showed that he can drive. The talent was all there, the race-craft was fantastic. Those points didn't fall in his lap, he went and fought for them. Man of the Match for me!"