Recent Formula 1 driver Jenson Button believes the FIA should "move on" and stop dwelling on the clash between Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton in last weekend's Azerbaijan Grand Prix.

F1 title rivals Vettel and Hamilton made contact twice behind the safety car in Baku, with the second clash being judged as an act of dangerous driving on Vettel's part.

The Ferrari driver was handed a 10-second stop/go penalty in the race but faced criticism after the chequered flag, with the FIA announcing on Wednesday that it would be re-examining the incident next week.

Debate has been wild on Twitter ever since, with Button offering his view on Thursday, saying that while Vettel's move was "silly" his punishment should not be prolonged.


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Will FIA further punish Vettel, that could motivate him, even more, to win the title.
Seb seems to have no one or nothing left to defend him, excepting, maybe, his wheels.
Sebastian, do maybe your best ever and win this title !

Well said Jenson.