Lewis Hamilton feels his home country should be pushing for two British races as well as ensuring the future of Formula 1 at Silverstone.

After it was confirmed that Silverstone owners the British Racing Drivers' Club [BRDC] had triggered a contract clause to breakout of its British Grand Prix deal - effectively meaning its last F1 race will be held in 2019 - the future of the race has been thrown into doubt.

Hamilton, who sees the Silverstone race as a cornerstone of the F1 calendar, says with the huge number of fans attending the British Grand Prix year-on-year keeping the race should be seen as a no-brainer and has faith new F1 owners Liberty and the BRDC will come to an agreement on a new deal.

While Hamilton is a strong defender of the British Grand Prix at Silverstone the three-time F1 world champion also feels his home country could welcome a second F1 race at another circuit.

At the same time that the BRDC triggered its F1 contract clause, London hosted a new event 'F1 Live London' which ramped up speculation about a potential city street race in the British capital.

Hamilton hasn't referred to a London street race directly but he feels the passion and interest of the British fans would welcome a second race in the United Kingdom.

"I feel like this, the UK, is the home of motorsport as we've obviously got lots of teams here," Hamilton said. "You see the crowd that we have every grand prix. There's no reason to not have a grand prix.

"I could understand if there was no-one turning up and it was costing a lot - but the fans save up and spend so much money on these weekends. I think it would be a real shame to lose it.

"I don't believe for a second that we will lose the British Grand Prix because the world would erupt, I think. The world of sport. I will do whatever I can to encourage them and make sure it does happen.

"We do have a lot of great circuits in the UK, be great to be able to utilise this one and another one. We used to have two grand prix in Spain, the second one and the track wasn't any good, so it would be kind of cool to use another great one here potentially."


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I'd say that this move is BRDC's gambit to get a better deal and one that is sustainable now that Liberty have taken over from the leech that was Bernie. If a deal can be struck that allows everyone to profit (and not just Bernie) that would be a start.

And in case anyone has forgotten, the UK is the home of F1.Pretty much all the teams bar Ferrari are based here.

Is it just me or has Silverstone lost it's identity since they moved the start finish and got rid of Bridge?

The British GP matters because many of the teams and people in F1 are based there. Really the only non British team to have any major success in F1 is Ferrari. The British do have a huge fan base, at least that is how the media portray it. I think it would be sad to lose a British GP, but I do not see losing Silverstone and being a huge loss. Silverstone is kinda a boring track.

As I'm sure the resident vulcanologist can confirm, a world does not erupt. A volcano erupts, and the world is not a volcano. So the statement is scientific hogwash.

It is also highly unlikely that the removal of the British GP would cause any major geological event except a few rumbles from corporate wallahs who would lose their free annual junket

Silverstone would do well to get a sanction fee freeze for a couple of years until the big changes start coming in around 2021/2022. Parking charges will be about £200 a day by then :rolleyes:

Maybe the BRDC ought to find a better class of member who can afford to dip into their extremely deep, tax exiled trousers and contribute something to the sport they say they all love so much. Oh hang on.....

Nopeee the world don't give a s#@£ except England ....it will if we lose Spa though

I hate to throw cold water on this nationalistic narcissism but the rest of the world really could care less England should lose Silverstone or a grand prix altogether. News Flash- England is not the only country in F1.

Sadly exactly the same thinking that led to Brexit and its continued support.
A relatively small number of people, mainly Brits, would cry for a while then the world would move on as it always does. It's just another nail in our already well pinned coffin

Erupt in, erm, laughter?

They are bluffing. Just setting the low bar for negotiations with Liberty Media.