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Kimi Raikkonen feels that second place on the Formula 1 grid for Sunday's Hungarian Grand Prix is "a bit disappointing" after missing out on pole to Ferrari team-mate Sebastian Vettel.

Raikkonen produced a rapid lap late in Q3 to rise to second place, 0.168 seconds shy of Vettel's fastest time.

The Finn helped Ferrari complete its second front row lock-out of the year, but was far from overawed by the result.

"Actually not too good," Raikkonen said, describing his lap. "The start was good and the end was not too bad but then at the chicane I braked on the outside kerb and got loose and really threw it away there.

"It was decent enough still for second place but it's a bit disappointing. I felt I had it quite comfortably but couldn't really finish it."

Ferrari heads into Sunday's race with a golden opportunity to end its two-month win drought, but Raikkonen is still expecting a stiff challenge from Mercedes and Red Bull.

"If you purely look at lap times yes, but if you look yesterday wasn't the easiest day and today we've been pretty happy with things," Raikkonen said.

"I managed to improve my car for qualifying and I must say we are happy with how they are handling now and so far, so good.

"But tomorrow is going to be a long race and a hard battle so we have to keep going."


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Hoping both of them get the start right tomorrow. Forcing Hammy and Bottas to battle with the red bulls would be perfect.

Not quitewhat I expected, but the same result.

It is a shame that Ferrari is not letting the chips fall where they may. If they did, Vettel's win total could be halved. They did today for Vettel what they would not do for Kimi earlier in the year. Conversely, they did not let Kimi stretch it out before the pit stop. In the end, they still would have had the Ferrari 1-2, yet Vettel would have needed to surrender 7 of his points.

I get it - Ferrari don't believe they have the car for a straight-up fight with Merc so they are trying to make the most of available points.

I sure hope Ferrari gets the championship they are working so hard for otherwise all that is left is a shame.

Hypothetical: Raikkonen gets a good start and pulls away in P1. Then what?

How long before Vettel reels him in or, in a different manner, Ferrari?

I'd like to see a win, but the trend is Kimi fades and Vettel gets stronger as the race goes on. I do think Ferrari have a chance with this one though.

I hope to see you really happy Kimi tomorrow, after the race !