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Lewis Hamilton says he was doing the 'right thing' in giving back third position to team-mate Valtteri Bottas after his Mercedes counterpart allowed him through to challenge for victory in the Hungarian Grand Prix.

On what has been a frustrating weekend for the three-time champion, Hamilton compounded his fourth place starting position by getting a poor getaway that dropped him to fifth during the early stages of the race, a slip that was then hampered further by having no radio communications with the pit wall.

With Mercedes eventually able to fix its issues, Hamilton was able to explain he had 'lots of pace' to attack Bottas and the Ferraris and was subsequently given the opportunity to attempt an attack when he was allowed through on the premise he hand the position back to Bottas if he couldn't make up positions.

With Hamilton unable to close enough on Raikkonen, though there was the temptation to retain the position to aid his own title hopes he felt it was the 'right thing to do' to give the place back since Bottas is also in the hunt and had been so co-operative earlier on.

"I had a lot more pace than Valtteri but at the time the radio wasn't working so I couldn't communicate with the team. I was a bit stuck but I felt I had the pace to fight with the Ferraris. The radio started working and Valtteri was given a few laps to try and catch the Ferraris, which he wasn't able to do.

"Valtteri was great at letting me through, and my thought process was like 'if he lets me by and I can't pull away from him and can't catch up, then I'd let him back through'. I obviously had a lot more pace and pulled away significantly to have a seven second gap over him at that point. It was difficult in the end to slow down, it was actually a bit risky for me to have slowed down, particularly because I was around backmarkers, who were slowing down to let me by as well.

"Then I had to slow down and they were trying to overtake me so it was a little bit risky. Also I knew there was like a second gap between him and the Red Bulls. I didn't want to do the right thing, lose a place and finish fifth, that would have really sucked. Fortunately I managed it well and managed to do what I felt was right."

Admitting the decision came 'from the heart', Hamilton is ignoring the prospect that such a move could ultimately prove detrimental to him later in the year.

"I think more from the heart probably. The mind is more cut-throat and every point counts, it's do or die. My heart tells me the right thing to do was to let him by."


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lulu didnt do "what was right" ! he did what he had been told to do...for once. bottas wasnt catching the ferraris so lulu was told that he could try, and if he couldnt "IN 5 LAPS" he would be switched back to the original status quo. he didnt improve even after 15 laps, so it was right that he dropped back.

Lewis might have done today as much for his image legacy in F1 history as some of his records, if not more.

Only the drivers know what is truly in their hearts. But, on the face of it, the contrast of what happened or did not happen on Sunday could'nt be sharper. In one team, the drivers are swopped around to allow an apparently faster one a crack at a better finishing position. In another, there is not even the slightest consideration of such orchestration for the clearly faster team mate. In all fairness though, we have to wonder if Mercedes would have considered the swop if it was Lewis who was ahead and Bottas was the one seeking the pass through. And, would Lewis have agreed to move aside in such a case?? No matter. Both drivers have raised themselves considerably in my estimation for their respective gestures. This however does not justify criticism of Ferrari for playing their race the way they did. Both teams and drivers did what they considered right for their respective strategies and calculations.

Haha ****ie bird, very funny and I have to agree with you. Everything Hamilton does or says is for effect including yesterdays gesture.

Half way through that load of horse manure I could actually hear the violins playing, as the righteousness of Hamilton shone through, and a chorus of angels added their voices to his praise. Somehow, when he was wrestling with his conscience he conveniently forgot he made a deal to hand back something he never had a right to in the first place, namely, third position, so any reference to it after the race is just the usual Hamilton garbage to try and paint himself as a hero. It's actually puke inducing stuff.

Tomco: Haha ****ie bird, very funny and I have to agree with you. Everything Hamilton does or says is for effect including yesterdays gesture. [\blockquote]

If he didn't give the place up you'd be crying selfish and unsporting behaviour. He gives it up any you cry it's "for effect".

Lewis can't win with some people whatever he does, if hes at a cross roads and he choses left you slate him, if he chose right instead you still slate him. Therefore anything they say about him is moot.

At least acknowledge him doing a good deed for once. You never know when the next one will come... If it ever does.

Hats off to you Lewis. Yesterday you were a better man than me. Given the gap, I wouldn't have relinquished the place.

I've never been a big Lewis fan but he's gone up a long way in my estimation, I hope he wins the title now. As for the Ferrari drivers Sebastien , Kimi is faster than you.

Top marks Lewis, particularly when the explanation shows that giving the place back from 7 seconds ahead of Valteri, plus back markers and Red Bull in the mix, was not as straightforward as it might seem to the viewer !

If Lewis will happen to lose the WDC within a margin of these points, he will not regret a bit his right gesture from today- this is the way I understand his own heart command .

I am not normally a Lewis fan but after today he has gone up in my estiamtion