Early reports claiming that this weekend's Austrian Grand Prix could be another rain-affected race appear to be close to the mark, with a mixture of sunshine and showers throughout the event.

Spielberg - Austria

A dry day with plenty of sunshine. Patchy cloud will tend to build during the afternoon, but it will feel warm with a light north westerly breeze. Highs of 18C / 64F.

Another dry day, although there will be more cloud scattered in the sky, having the effect of raising temperatures higher than those of Friday. Just a small chance of a very light passing shower due to the build up of cloud. Temperatures will be warmer than Friday, with highs of 22C / 72F.

A change to much cloudier skies, with only small chinks of brightness early on. These cloudier skies will bring showers, moderate in nature as they cross the country. As with showers, some areas may stay dry all day, but the risk of showers around the circuit currently stands at 60 per cent. Temperatures will reach 20C / 68F in any brightness, but will dip to 14C / 56F in the rain, combined with a north westerly breeze blowing at a sustained windspeed of 6-8mph.

Weather forecasts kindly supplied by Martin Chuter CNS


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