Although the 2008 season has, so far, been devoid of the on-track problems that blighted its predecessor, there are still some wounds that are clearly taking some time to heal - especially those that are picked at.

Speaking on the eve of his return to the race that kick-started the breakdown in relations at McLaren, Fernando Alonso revealed that he felt that his championship challenge had ultimately been blunted by the Woking team - to the possible detriment of the operation's own title ambitions.

Interviewed by British television broadcaster ITV, the Spaniard was asked about the acrimony that soured his single year with Ron Dennis' outfit, and admitted that, in his opinion, things were not as they had been portrayed to the outside world - either by the team or by the British media, which was in the midst of a love-in with new hero Lewis Hamilton.

"The worst thing was that, last year, 90 per cent of the time, the truth was not out there," he claimed, "That was annoying me a little bit, but [there was] nothing that I could do.

"I was not talking, because I was concentrating on the championship, but the team and the media were saying terrible things about me that, at the end of the year, we knew were not the truth. Like the spy thing, at the end of the year, McLaren apologised to everybody but, during the championship, they were talking about me, about this, about that, about Hungary and so on.

"I was concentrating on the championship and I was very, very surprised at the things the team was saying about me."

The Spaniard then revealed that he felt his title challenge had been dented by decisions that affected his on-track performance.

"I had no possibility to choose any strategy or to do anything," he explained, "I was just doing the things that they were saying. Obviously, I was fourth in the last couple of races and that was not the position that I was in the first half of the championship. Something was happening."

The suspicion that the team was handicapping, while Hamilton was able to take the fight to Ferrari's Kimi Raikkonen to the last race of the year in Brazil, was what eventually persuaded Alonso to seek an exit from Woking, despite having two years remaining on his contract.

"In the end, we decided to move on and separate because there were things that were difficult to understand," he confirmed, "I'm happy with my decision and, for sure, comparing this year and last year, I'm much happier."


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