The British Racing Drivers' Club [BRDC] has welcomed the announcement that agreement has been reached with South Northamptonshire Council over the development brief outlining the future of Silverstone.

Despite the revelation that it is to lose the British Grand Prix to Donington Park from 2010, Silverstone and the BRDC confirmed that they would be pressing ahead with the redevelopment of the venue - which is to see the addition of hotel, education and exhibition facilities to the long-awaited revamp of standard circuit facilities such as the pit-lane and press office - in an effort to bring it up to the standard being demanded by Bernie Ecclestone prior to last month's bombshell.

One element of the original plan that will now not be carried out is the provision of residential properties, after it was agreed with South Northamptonshire Council and Aylesbury Vale District Council that the housing element of the Development Brief would be dropped following consultations with the local community.

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As a result, an updated Master Plan for the site, along with the updated Development Brief, has been agreed and will be adopted under delegated powers by the South Northamptonshire Council cabinet. Aylesbury Vale District Council has already adopted the brief, which still includes the upgrade of circuit facilities, a manufacturer test centre, business park, extreme sport and leisure complex, two hotels, a new university campus and a 'Welcome Centre'.

"We have listened closely to the local community and decided that removing the houses proposed in the Development Brief was the best way forward for the project," Silverstone MD Richard Phillips commented, "Overcoming this hurdle now allows us to press ahead with our plans for developing Silverstone into a world leading motorsport venue. We expect to be starting work on new facilities early in the New Year.

"We would like to thank Aylesbury Vale District Council and South Northamptonshire District Council for all the hard work they have put into securing the future of Silverstone. We are delighted that they are now fully in support of the Development Brief and we look forward to its final adoption.

"It is fair to say that there have been a number of challenges along the way, but we believe an appropriate balance has now been struck. We are on programme to be on site early next year and this will mark a new phase for motorsport in the UK."