Timo Glock has claimed that he has no concerns about getting back into the cockpit of his Toyota TF108 at this weekend's Hungarian Grand Prix, despite the major shunt he suffered at Hockenheim.

The German was hospitalised after the accident, which pitched his car out of a solid points-scoring position and backwards into the pit-wall, but escaped without any serious injury and was able to test with the team for a day at Jerez in the build-up to round eleven this weekend.

While Red Bull rival David Coulthard has suggested that there should be an investigation into the structural integrity of the TF108, Glock insists that he is happy with the team's own exhaustive inspection of the car after his accident - and the conclusion that parts that may have been damaged at the British Grand Prix led to the shunt.

"I am definitely confident that car is as safe as it can be," he told journalists at the Hungaroring, "At Silverstone, we had quite a lot of trouble in the race. I went through the gravel a couple of times and stuff like this which, in the end, I think was the main reason why we had the problem at Hockenheim. For me, there is no doubt that our car is safe enough to drive in the race and to compete this season. When you operate on the limit, things happen like this and we analysed it and we know why and there is no reason to have any doubts."

Glock admitted that, to some degree, he was happy to have been told that it had been a mechanical failure, rather than driver error, that caused the crash, and revealed that he had only taken so long to get out of the wreck because he had been winded by the impact with the pit-wall.

"Until I came into the medical centre, I was sure that maybe I made a mistake," he confessed, "I came a bit too wide out of the kerb and, with a heavy fuelled car, I felt some bottoming, so I thought it might be my mistake. But then they told me that the rear suspension collapsed and that was the reason for the crash.

"When I saw it the first time, it looked more spectacular than it felt in the car. For sure, it was a bit painful on the back in the first impact but, when you see so much stuff flying around, it looks more spectacular than it was right at the end.

"After the first impact, I couldn't really breathe. I think, before I hit the wall, I breathed at the wrong moment and didn't expect an impact like this. But, in the end, I just took my time to get out of the car. Before that, I was okay and had no pain. I don't know how long it took before the medical car was at my car but, in the end, for me, everything was okay. My feeling was that I was okay and had no problems to get out of the car."

Despite running for a day at Jerez, Glock underwent a precautionary medical check in Hungary, but will be back in the car this weekend.

"There have been no after-effects - maybe too many interviews and stuff like this," he grinned, "But, at the end, I am okay. I did the test in Jerez without any problems, 80 laps or 78 laps, without any problems. It was quite a quick check [today]. They knew that I did the test without any problems, they got all the pictures from MRT and stuff like this. Everything was alright."


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