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Q: (Juha P??talo - Financial Times Deutschland)
Heikki, you seemed to lose a little bit of time in your first sector on your last attempt. Can you describe what happened there and how happy were you with your lap in general?

Heikki Kovalainen:
Well, I think I mentioned already on the radio to the team that I think I was a little bit cautious in turn two. It was tricky to find the right balance in terms of making the time at the entry and not losing anything at the exit. I think I probably lost a bit of both on my best lap but the middle of the corner was pretty good. You always lose and gain and everyone has these little moments. Overall I think I can be quite happy about the lap. I think there were no big mistakes, just these small adjustments. All the drivers, after every qualifying, they can always say 'you can do this and that' but actually doing it is the tricky bit.

Q: (Fr?deric Ferret - l'Equipe)
Felipe, you had trouble with your tyres in qualifying [in Germany], and you said that in Q3 you had trouble heating the tyres. Is it still a problem there?

Felipe Massa:
No, for sure not. It's completely different problems we had in Hockenheim, so it's not related to this.

Q: (Ian Parkes - The Press Association)
Lewis, well done, from where you were after the race in France, has it come as a surprise to you just how much things have turned around and how dominant you've been these past few weeks now?

Lewis Hamilton:
Not really. I don't understand why it should be a surprise. Like I've always said, we had a couple of dodgy races but we still had great speed through Montreal, and then even in Magny-Cours we were still quick, so it's no surprise. There are no miracles. We just work very hard and made some good steps forward.

Q: (Heikki Kulta - Turun Sanomat)
Heikki, any concern defending your position from the dirtier side of the grid?

Yeah, it's not ideal but it's better to be ahead of the other people. To be honest, as we saw at Hockenheim, I was expecting it to make a bigger difference but it didn't. So I hope it's the case here as well. I'm not going to stress myself about it. I'll attack tomorrow as much as I can at the start and we will see how it works out but I'm not going to lose sleep because of that.

Q: (J?rome Bourret - l'Equipe)
Heikki, what will be your aim at the start tomorrow: passing Lewis or controlling Felipe and keeping him behind you?

Ideally both, but we will fight with Lewis and I will try to pass him but he will try to defend. We respect each other and at the end of the day, we are employed by the team and we try to do the best job for the team that we can. But like you saw, at the start of Silverstone, we do race but we also know where the limit is. I think as it is with the guys at the top in Formula One, you can push people hard and you race hard but fair. There's nothing wrong with that.

Q: (Jon McEvoy - The Daily Mail)
Lewis, I was wondering whether you have ever felt as strong and as at ease in a car in Formula One as you are at the moment?

It's a good question. For sure, every time I get in the car I learn something new and I feel more and more comfortable in the car and feel more at home. I will definitely say that I'm at my best so far. I think this is as comfortable as I've ever been and again, knowing where the car is and everything like that, and things going on in my life, I feel pretty much on top of things, and I have no doubts that I have room to improve, so I plan on doing that.

Q: (Juha P??talo - Financial Times Deutschland)
Felipe, both Ferraris went out twice in Q1, first with the hard, then with the soft tyres. Was it to evaluate both tyres?

We're doing that at every race, it's not the first time.

Q: (Juha P??talo - Financial Times Deutschland)
How hard was it to tell on this track which is the better tyre for your car?

I'm pretty sure that the better tyre for my car in qualifying was the hard, because I was always quicker on the hard. The hard was always more consistent for me. I have been keen since yesterday to use the hard in qualifying.

Q: (Fr?deric Ferret - l'Equipe)
Felipe, are you worried by the domination by the McLarens today and the domination during the last two races?

You always want to be in front. It's not a fantastic day when you are behind your competition, but I think we need to work very hard, because everybody is working day and night and for sure we need to push hard and I'm sure the mentality of my team is to push hard day-by-day from now until the end of the season. We were already pushing up to now but for sure people are really motivated to push even more. I think we showed some good performance today. I think if you don't have a good car, you cannot do 19.0s in Q2, so that's already a good sign and you need to take that to be motivated for the race tomorrow.


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