McLaren-Mercedes team boss Ron Dennis has confirmed that the squad plans to rotate its team members travelling to events next season.

Although the schedule for 2009, which was released by the FIA back at the end of June, is only provisional, currently not only will there be the addition of a race in Abu Dhabi - taking the total number from 18 to 19 - but the three-week August break, which Formula 1 is in at the moment, has also been abolished.

Dennis believes this could lead to problems and that it will crucial to give staff time off so that they get at least some time to spend with their families.

"They don't get the right amount of time with their families and this gives them an opportunity to have at least one week where they are not at the office or workshops," Dennis explained to CNN.

"It's a key ingredient of keeping people motivated and happy when you are addressing the calendar, which makes next year's one difficult for them.

"We will have to accommodate that by rotating people. They will not be expected to go right through the season."

The F1 calendar has expanded considerably in recent years and while 16 use to be the maximum not so long ago, it has continued to gradually increase and may well go up to 20 or even 21 in 2010, with India and Korea both poised to be added to the fold.

"I think the absence of the August break in the calendar next year is very tough," McLaren CEO Martin Whitmarsh added in a separate interview with Reuters at the start of July.

"It worries me how hard it is going to be on the teams, but I think that's a management challenge - how we're going to deal with that and make sure we don't burn people out during the course of the season."

"The August break was introduced as a means of genuinely giving everyone a rest in the middle of tough seasons," continued Honda team principal Ross Brawn. "Now we want to expand the number of races and not do that (have the break), so we end up having to look at reserve squads and back-up mechanics and groups of people who can take over so the other guys can get a rest.

"Without doing that, to have a whole race team that can't take a holiday from what would effectively be February until November is not easy. We've been through this before. I think it's a shame."