Questions from the floor

Q: (Mark Danby - Auto Magazine)
Lewis, you mentioned before about the white lines in wet conditions. Is there any particular part of the track which concerns you more than other areas if it was to be wet tomorrow?

Lewis Hamilton:
I think if I was concerned, which I'm not, it would probably be with the higher speed corners: Eau Rouge. If you clip the outside and the inside of the kerb it could be quite unpleasant but also the outside kerb of turn ten through Pouhon. It's such high speed and you're relying on the grip level you have and if you just touch that white line, I'm sure it's going to send you flying, so it's very, very important that we try to avoid those.

Q: (Ingo R?rsch - Sport Bild)
Lewis, how important is it for the rest of the season that the team has been decided for 2009, so there aren't any rumours who could be in the team next year, so you can concentrate on just driving?

I don't think it was a particular problem because we knew the situation and what would be the team's plan. I think it's great for Heikki to know that he's here, he's got a comfortable place here next year and we can continue to work together. For me it's pleasing because Heikki and I get on so well and we do such a great job in testing and everything that we participate in with the team and that's really the reason why we are so strong this year. It's not down to one individual, it's down to all of us really, putting in a hundred percent, so Heikki's brought a lot to the team, and I'm looking forward to continue working with him for hopefully a lot longer than just next year.

Q: (Juha P??talo - Financial Times Deutschland)
Heikki, you said in the unilaterals that you lost a little bit of time in the middle of sector, but actually in your last attempt you were slower in the first sector than on the first attempt. Was there a certain problem there?

Heikki Kovalainen:
Yeah, there was a little problem in turn one and perhaps I lost a little bit of time there. I just locked up all the wheels for a moment. I got a bit out of shape but that happens sometimes when you're trying to push a bit more.

Q: (Fr?deric Ferret - l'Equipe)
Lewis, in Budapest, Felipe made a great start and you were on pole. Is it something that worries you for tomorrow? And can you work on your start as a driver, and have you practised some starts since Budapest?

Yeah, he's obviously been very quick in the last couple of races, his starts have been going better and better. In Hungary I think we had a very good start. I don't know in the last race that we had the best but we were on the dirtier side. I don't know whether we're on the clean side here, I don't particularly think there is a real clean side. The team has been working very hard... there's not really much more that I can do. If the grip's there, if the settings are right, then I will be able to extract the most from it but, one, if you don't have the grip you struggle and, two, there are some areas that we can improve on but I think we will be strong tomorrow.

Q: (Thomas Richtr - TV Nova)
Heikki, you actually start from a very interesting position considering the circumstances. Will your aim be to beat these two gentlemen or to keep Kimi at bay?

Both, to be honest. Trying to keep Kimi behind and overtake both of these two. That would be the ideal plan.

Q: (James Allen - ITV)
Heikki, I'm not much of a student of body language but, in the unilaterals and here now, you looked pretty disappointed. Obviously, with a car advantage throughout the session, not locking out the front row, how big a problem is that for you and McLaren?

I don't think it's a big problem, it was the maximum that we could achieve today. The race is tomorrow and we are in a good position, so I don't think there's anything to worry about.

Q: (Michael Schmidt - Auto Moto und Sport)
Lewis, there's quite a short run into the first corner. Does it make the start easier or more difficult versus a circuit where you have half a kilometre before the first corner?

I think for the start it perhaps makes it a little bit easier. I think the longer the straight from the startline the more effect a good start will have. But I think it's tricky here. There's turn one and then you've got the longest straight in the world after turn one, so it's going to be an interesting start tomorrow but I plan on staying ahead.

Q: (Juha P??talo - Financial Times Deutschland)
Felipe, you are chasing Lewis in the championship, so how crucial is it to get a good start and maybe get in front of him, and are we going to see another Hungary?

Felipe Massa:
Well, the start doesn't work before, it works when you do the start and then you think what you have to do, so I think the most important thing is the initial part of the start, because in the initial part you see the possibilities you have to go side-by-side or whatever and under braking you always try to brake late and see how it's going to be. Then you can also have another possibility on the back straight which is a very long straight but it all depends on how you manage your start at the beginning, so we will see tomorrow. For sure we will fight each other but we also want to finish the race, which is the important key, so let's try to do our best in whatever conditions.