FIA president Max Mosley has revealed that he has received more than a few requests to remain in office beyond the end of his current term next year - but insists that he remains more inclined to call time on his spell at the head of world motoring.

Speaking at his first grand prix appearance since being awarded damages in an 'invasion of privacy' case that went to the High Court in London, Mosley claimed that, further to the vote of confidence he received from FIA member clubs at the height of the scandal, he is now being asked to extend his tenure of the presidency.

"It sounds boastful, but I'm receiving requests to stay on after 2009," he confirmed, "They are coming from all over the world - genuinely - and that means there is a perception that I might [stay in office]. There is an awful lot of pressure coming from different parts of the world, which is very widespread and very nice of them."

Despite the backing, however, the 68-year old insists that he is still of a mind to step away from the role of president when his period of office expires in just over a year's time.

"It's very hard work and I am really quite ready to take a less active role," he explained, "There comes a point with that sort of thing where you think maybe a slightly quieter life would be ideal, but we shall see. At present, it's my firm intention to stand down, but you have to take account of what people say. You can't rule anything out. - you should never say never, as the old clich? goes - but, at the moment, my inclination is that I would like a quiet life."

Despite the fact that he is immersing himself back into his role, Mosley also insisted that he had not lost the desire to find whoever set up the sting that saw his private life splashed all over the pages of a British tabloid newspaper.

"The fact that Lord Stevens is quiet doesn't mean he's not working," he said, referring to ongoing investigations, "I believe there is much more to it than that one lady. It's not from my private life world, so I think it's most likely to be something to do with motor racing."