Becoming the youngest driver in the history of Formula One to sit on pole position is not something Sebastian Vettel is likely to dine out, the German insisting that his motorsport dreams revolve around more than setting new marks in the record book.

The Toro Rosso driver forced a rewrite of the annals when he claimed pole position for the Italian Grand Prix in challenging conditions at Monza, and has shown in recent races that he should be a threat for a podium, especially if it remains wet, but Vettel is refusing to get his hopes up.

"I don't really care about statistics - I think there was a youngest before and, at some point, there will be a younger one after me," he shrugged, "It's more important to be on pole position and start the race from there tomorrow. It's a great result for us, a great success, and I'm very, very happy as you can imagine.

"It will take some time [to sink in] for sure. It was my dream one day to drive a Formula One car, and my target is to fight for pole positions and race wins - but obviously, today, I didn't expect it. It feels fantastic.

"It is incredible you know, being part of Formula One already, and then fighting among these drivers next to me is just fantastic, but I think there are a couple more dreams to go."

Whether or not he will be able to add a maiden F1 win to his pole position remains largely in the hands of fate, with dry weather perhaps favouring the faster cars that missed out in qualifying, and more rain making the event something of a lottery, even for those out front.

"First of all, we don't know how the weather is going to be, and if it's wet, how wet is it going to be, how much water?" the youngster explained, "Obviously, the guys at the front will have an advantage because they have a better view, especially the guy who is first after the first chicane. I hope that's me, but you never know. I can't predict the future, so we will see. We will face it tomorrow.

"Obviously, our target is to do the best job possible. If that means scoring some points, it's fantastic, but, if it means going on the podium, it would be incredible, unreal, but I think we have to keep our feet on the ground. Obviously, the conditions today mixed up the top group a bit, but I think it will be a very, very tough race, a long race, so we will see how the field is spread out after a couple of laps, who is leading, who is in front, who is struggling to pass another car or not. I think it will be quite an interesting race tomorrow."

While the media focused on his achievement, Vettel was quick to point out that no-one would have expected pole position from Toro Rosso either.

"This is our home grand prix and there are two Italian teams," he noted, "The bigger one is Scuderia Ferrari, but I think now the people know the small one, Scuderia Toro Rosso, so it is unbelievable.

"You cannot forget that, a couple of years ago, this was the Minardi team, but I think they have made huge progress," he noted, "Obviously, with the package that we have from Red Bull Technology, it makes our life easier and I think we are doing a very good job, but there are no secrets to our success, it is only hard work.

"I have now been part of the team for a bit more than one full season and, if you see the guys in the beginning and the guys today, the atmosphere is great, everybody is extremely motivated. When we walk in the paddock, it seems that everybody knows that he has a task, he is here to do his job, he is not just taking part - and it is great to see everybody enjoying his job, his work. You can see the passion in his eyes and a result like this to give something back is just fantastic."


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