Hi folks...

It's the inaugural Singapore Grand Prix this coming weekend and as F1's first-ever night race I am really looking forward to it a lot. Indeed I reckon most people are really excited about this one.

It should be a fantastic event and it is certainly going to be different - and a real spectacle for the fans.

A lot of stuff has been done in Singapore to get to the stage of being able to hold a race and there is lots of enthusiasm there. People can't wait for the F1 circus to turn up and deliver something and if we can repeat the kind of entertainment we have seen in the last couple of races at Monza and Spa everyone will be very happy.

Of course, while it is a night race, it is not actually going to be that dark and the circuit will be well illuminated. It has to be when you have drivers' racing around the streets at a couple of hundred miles per hour.

You also need good lighting for television and with such a huge global audience watching on the 'box that is essential.

How everyone copes with going about their business at 7 - 10 pm at night is also going to be another talking point during the weekend. With everyone coming from Europe they will be trying to get into the local time zone, although they will be operating at times which fit in with the European audience and that will be a new challenge. It will be interesting to see if people make any mistakes because of that and if they are a bit sleepy on the track and off it.

Last time out in Italy we saw Sebastian Vettel win and take his - and Toro Rosso's - maiden victory and we could see a similar upset this Sunday, especially if we get more rain.

It was great to see Vettel win at Monza and after 20-odd years in F1 for his team - originally Minardi - it was a very special moment.

You always want the underdog to do well and come through and really it should never happen. But this time it did. To think that team started life as Minardi and now have won a race with a car delivered from Milton Keynes in the UK and powered by a Ferrari engine is fantastic.

They did - and have done - a tremendous job and Sebastian's performance was spot on. The win was fully deserved.

If we get rain again in Singapore maybe STR might even win again. Certainly the long term weather forecast says there is an outside possibility of rain and if that does happen who knows what the result will be.

Rain is going to be one of the big unknowns in Singapore and how that will affect things, what with the track being artificially lit, is uncertain. A few people have already voiced concern about it.

It definitely won't make the racing any easier - that is for sure. With all those lights you will get reflections and glistening off of the road - it is no different to when you are in a road car. It is going to be tough if that is the case.

That is one scenario Lewis Hamilton and Felipe Massa would probably prefer not to have to deal with as they are both in a close fight for the 2008 drivers' title. It is going to be thrilling to see how that fight develops now in the remaining four races and also it will be interesting to see what role their team-mates play.

Don't write off BMW's Robert Kubica or Kimi Raikkonen however. Anyone doing that would be foolish. F1, as we have seen, can throw up some very unpredictable results and things could yet change.

Granted Kimi is having a bad run but if all of a sudden he gets his act together and puts together a string of wins and a few guys behind him have problems, it could all look very different come Brazil.

Let's face it Kimi left it very late to try and pull everything back in the world championship last year - and he did do it. Maybe the same thing could happen. You can never discount him. The moment you think he is not quite pulling his weight he gives you something to talk about. Kimi and Kubica are definitely not out of it yet.

Having said that though, I reckon the McLaren will be better than the Ferrari around Singapore. The fact it is a street circuit, the fact there could be rain, the fact track temperatures will be lower - all those factors should play into the hands of Ron Dennis' men and Hamilton.

The competition behind them will be close though and teams like Toyota and BMW could do well and poke their noses in.

You may even see Toro Rosso up there and challenging for points, elevated by the huge confidence boost they will have got from Monza. STR has been very quick in the wet and the team has been looking quite sensible in dry conditions too.

So to sum up, I think Lewis could well grab pole position as I believe he will excel in Singapore.

I don't think the Ferraris will be too far back though, and Felipe Massa and Kimi Raikkonen will also be up there in qualifying and may start second and third.

Lewis will definitely be the main contender on the Sunday, but something tells me it is not going to be easy for him to take the maximum 10 point haul.

Enjoy the grand prix...