Press conference:

Gentlemen, first of all give us your impressions of the circuit and Singapore as a whole....

Gerhard Berger:
I think it was a great experience today. Different things came together and I think the lighting is very spectacular and going between the houses makes a really fantastic show for the people. The other positive thing is we have seen a lot of people today at the circuit. The grandstands were already quite full and it seems that Formula One can become very popular here. So overall I think it is a great place to be and it is going to be a great place.

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And from a technical point of view, Christian?

Christian Horner:
First of all, I would like to echo what Gerhard has said. The guys here have done an absolutely unbelievable job. The effort that has gone into this circuit in the last twelve months is nothing short of phenomenal. I think the spectacle of a night race, but not only have we got a night race, we have also got a great circuit, a really challenging circuit. We have already test driven the barriers today and we can see that it is pretty unforgiving out there. I think it is going to be a real challenge of a race and I think it is going to be a fantastic weekend. Hats off to everybody involved. I think they have just raised the bar considerably for a new circuit and the spectacle of racing at night in a big city such as Singapore is really exciting.

Adam, your feelings? Perhaps from a commercial point of view?

Adam Parr:
Well, like Christian and Gerhard, I think what has been achieved here is absolutely amazing. I was here between Australia and Malaysia and there was the beginnings of a circuit and the building of the pit lane but what has been done in six months is incredible. From a commercial perspective and from a sporting perspective I think it is just an extraordinary experience and spectacle and that is fantastic for Formula One, so it is very exciting.

Norbert Haug:
Basically the same. First of all, thank you to everybody who was involved to make this happen. I think it is a big, big step forward for Formula One. The pictures, the atmosphere is really one of a kind and this gives a completely new experience to all the viewers worldwide but also to the spectators. As Gerhard pointed out, an impressive amount of spectators here today for free practice. That is very positive and the whole scenery I think is unreal. It is like in a movie and I think it is a big, big step. I think Bernie [Ecclestone] pushed very hard, so thanks to him and FOM. It is really a good step forward and I am sure that Singapore will be watched throughout the world over the weekend. The track is very challenging in addition, so it is not going to be an easy one but so far I think we have really gathered the best impressions so far.

Gerhard, how has the win affected the team since Monza?

They are still all drunk. No, I mean it was an unbelievable experience to have the first win with Toro Rosso. I think it was a big push for the team and gave us even a bit more confidence. It was a great day for Red Bull. I think to win in Monza with Toro Rosso was just unbelievable. I think it shows we are going step by step in the right direction. It shows our car is a good car. It is quick and reliable and now we have a very good experience. We have seen an unbelievably big step from last year to this year. I still believe that in the last four races we can do something good. I know if you go and win people expect it to go on like this. It is very clear our goal is to put one car, and if everything runs fantastic, both cars into the first ten in qualifying and then collect the big points. But I think we are going to remember for a long time our win from last week.

Christian, perhaps you looked on that win with mixed feelings. But what has it meant for Red Bull Racing?

I think for Red Bull, as Gerhard says, it was a fantastic result. Toro Rosso, the whole weekend, did an excellent job. They did a better job than anybody else. Everybody in Red Bull is very proud of the result that they achieved. We have got 600 people back in Milton Keynes that form part of Red Bull Technology that are supplying both teams. Under Adrian [Newey]'s leadership they have done a good job this year and as I say, Toro Rosso did a superb job. Sebastian drove the race of his life and demonstrated that he is a real star of the future. It was a bit of a fairytale. For Gerhard, I remember watching as a kid his win 20 years ago at Monza and I don't think on the podium he looked so much different to what he did 20 years ago.

Thank you, Christian. But I also want to say [something] about Red Bull. Our car comes from Red Bull Technology and thanks to them and, as Christian said, thanks to Adrian we have got the base to do something, so it is a great thing to have this car.

Adam, how did the independents feel? What was the atmosphere within Williams and the fact that Williams can win a grand prix?

Well, as an independent constructor, we looked on with great feelings. You cannot take away from them what they achieved over the weekend and congratulations to them. I think what it means for us is simply that we have to do the things that we do better. Not a great take away from that weekend but we have got to do better.

Norbert, do you feel the world championship is a two-horse race now?

No, I don't think so. As long as the mathematical chances are existing, they are existing. I think everybody learned their lesson last year, not least us. There are more involved than two guys which is good for the sport, We should have some more points but it is what it is. I think it is a thrilling season. We have had great races so far, very, very exceptional with rain and now a new track in Valencia and this particular track, a night race. I think it is going to be remembered as a remarkable season, whatever happens. It is close and the championship starts right here because it is very close together between the top guys.