Having claimed that he is 'moving on' from the controversy that saw him stripped of victory at Spa-Francorchamps and then being told that McLaren's appeal against the decision had been ruled inadmissible by an FIA hearing, Lewis Hamilton attempted to avoid any rogue questions on overtaking on the eve of the inaugural Singapore Grand Prix.

However, being one of the four drivers selected for the panel at the first of the weekend's official press conferences, the Briton was a sitting duck when it came to the open floor session, and naturally had questions about the matter fired in his direction. His much-publicised outburst towards Ferrari's lawyer during the Paris hearing, in which he suggested that he was being interrogated by a man with no F1 experience, was picked up on in one exchange.

Asked whether he felt that 'the rules that have been introduced about overtaking [are] out of touch with reality, being made by people who don't race and therefore don't know what goes on', the world championship leader attempted to avoid the issue.

"I don't know, to be honest," he sighed, "I think some of the issues that we've had are being rectified and we just move on from it."

Pressed on why he didn't have 'an opinion on a pretty fundamental issue', Hamilton stood firm.

"Not really, no," he insisted, "I'm here to race. I just focus on that and let everyone else deal with the other stuff."

The Singapore Grand Prix has numerous factors that could make overtaking a contentious issue - provided the circuit does not imitate that at fellow newcomer Valencia and prohibit passing altogether - with a tight street layout, racing after dark and the possibility of rain all in the mix.

"My guess is as good as yours," Hamilton replied, when asked if he felt that circuit would provide overtaking opportunities, "It is very wide, so I am sure there is a bit more room to do so, but whether or not you can close enough to people, we will find out. I haven't yet gone round the circuit. I drove to the track this morning and got off the motorway or wherever we were and I saw some of the circuit, but I'll [take a proper look] later tonight."

Despite seeing his world championship advantage confirmed at a single point by the FIA Court of Appeal, rather than being seven points with four races remaining, Hamilton maintained a stoic demeanour when quizzed on his feelings.

"I don't think I am coming from a disappointment," he insisted, "I come away from quite an exciting race in Monza, I had a great flight out here and I feel great for the weekend.

"We have got some good upgrades for the car. It is going to be an interesting one for all of us, and I am sure we are all very excited to get out on the circuit for the first time and just experience what it is like. I am sure we have all participated in a night karting event or something like that in the past, but this is going to be a lot different driving at high speeds.

"We will just have to wait and see how it goes, but I am just excited."


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