Red Bull Racing duo Mark Webber and David Coulthard insist that the perception of stable-mate Scuderia Toro Rosso as a Formula One 'minnow' is now out-dated.

Asked whether RBR should have been embarrassed by Sebastian Vettel's Italian Grand Prix victory for the former Minardi team, Webber and Coulthard instead agreed that the Milton Keynes operation could share in the success, having designed and built that car that beat the established F1 favourites in tricky conditions at Monza.

"Obviously, we would like to be the Red Bull part of the team that's doing the winning, that's obviously the focus as a team," Coulthard insisted, "They've managed to get there before us, but I don't think there's any embarrassment on our part.

"Four years ago they started a journey to take Jaguar, as it was in those days, and take them forward into being a winning constructor and, ultimately, to challenge for championships in the future, and I think, four years in, you can say the first part of that dream is being realised, just with a different part of the Red Bull organisation than our team. We just have to take that on the chin and realise that there are areas that we've got to improve.

"We're able to see differences between our package and their package in a way that McLaren cannot have that access to the difference between their car and Ferrari. The difference between McLaren and Ferrari on a given weekend is no more or less than the difference between Toro Rosso and ourselves on a given weekend. If McLaren get beaten, they are not embarrassed, they focus on trying to improve their job - and likewise for Ferrari. I just don't see the picture in the way that you see it or it appears that you see it. We just need to get on and make better use of the tools that we have."

The misconception that both drivers attempted to dispel was that that Toro Rosso was continuing in the same hand-to-mouth vein as predecessor Minardi, which would have made Vettel's success all the more remarkable.

"I don't know the exact budget of Red Bull Racing, any more than I know the exact budget of Toro Rosso, but one of the biggest expenses for a team is the actual design and the research and development that goes into actually creating the design of a racing car," Coulthard pointed out, "They don't have to design their own racing car; we do that for them. All of that is done by Red Bull Technology, which is obviously funded by Red Bull, and then Red Bull Racing is funded by Red Bull and Toro Rosso is funded by Red Bull.

"Toro Rosso is gearing up from a small racing team to being a manufacturer in the future. I think you're all likening Toro Rosso to the Minardi days, where they were always at the back, never had the funding and never really had the car to get results. I think you just have to forget that and look at the fact that they have the same car that we have. They obviously have different drivers and a different engine, but they have enough people to build that car, they have the facilities to build it and take it to the grands prix.

"If you look at a GP2-type scenario, you have teams with the same equipment who manage to get slightly more out of it on a given weekend than another. If you actually look at it from that point of view, you can say that they have been able to get a bit more out of the package over the last few races than we have. But the thought that they are a minnow team with not enough money to put tyres on the car is just not the reality. You suggested they were under-funded, but I think it might be a misperception on the resources..."


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