Sebastian Vettel has insisted that he has no qualms about having elected to switch from Scuderia Toro Rosso to Red Bull Racing in Formula 1 in 2009 - despite the 'junior' Red Bull concern now regularly and substantially outperforming its parent outfit.

Vettel became the sport's youngest-ever winner when he triumphed from pole position in the Italian Grand Prix at Monza a fortnight ago - leading consummately from lights to chequered flag behind the wheel of his STR3 - but though the RBR of future team-mate Mark Webber qualified right behind him on the starting grid, the Aussie faded away to eighth spot at the close, as the Milton Keynes-based squad's race pace once again failed to match that which it had displayed on Saturday afternoon.

Whilst STR has notched up 20 points in the last five outings, RBR has tallied just two, prompting former triple F1 World Champion Niki Lauda to surmise that Vettel may not be Red Bull-bound next year after all [see separate story - click here]. Not so, the man from Heppenheim stresses.

"No, not at all," he replied, when asked by the official F1 website whether he regretted his decision to switch teams. "I am still convinced that it is the right way to go for next year. Obviously there is a lot to do, but I believe it would be unfair to say that they are worse than Toro Rosso at the moment.

"The Toro Rosso situation I can judge very well. We have been working very hard so we deserved the Monza result, and I think that Red Bull in the last couple of races did not always use their package 100 per cent.

"This year Formula 1 in the midfield is very tight, so if you give away two or three tenths here, and another two or three tenths there, then quicker than you think you lose half a second - and that makes a huge difference on the starting grid. You have to get it right - but of course that is easier said than done.

"Obviously the car is pretty similar, so I think the main difference is the crew, the people. That was also the reason for me testing the RB4 [at Jerez last week] - to get my first taste of working with the people there, with the engineers, and to get a feeling for the team, because in the end that is much more important than really driving the car. I am very confident for next year, and I don't believe that it is a step back."

Vettel switched back to STR for his final day of testing around the southern Spanish circuit, so as to re-acclimatise himself and prepare in the best possible way for the inaugural Singapore Grand Prix this weekend. As a man clearly fond of making history - having become F1's youngest-ever points-scorer, pole position-sitter and grand prix winner, the latter by almost a full year - a second consecutive success in what will be the top flight's first-ever night race would be a stunning result for the 21-year-old, albeit one he admits he is hardly anticipating.

"I wanted the last test day with Toro Rosso in order to get used to my car and my team again," he explained. "It was important that I didn't arrive in Singapore - a track that no one knows, that no one has ever driven before - in completely new circumstances and, on top of that, face it in a car that I had not driven for a while. I wanted to make sure that there was nothing that could possibly affect my performance here.

"The circuit looks very interesting, from what I've seen on foot so far. It will be the first time that many drivers will drive in night conditions and, with regards to the rain, if it rains in this part of the world, it pours. We'll have to wait and see how the weekend develops - lights and rain - because no one knows what to expect at the moment.

"We have to keep our feet on the ground, but even when you forget the Monza result and look at our performance over the last couple of races, you see that the package has potential. Now it is up to us to use that package to our advantage. If we are to finish in the top ten, it's fine; if we can score points, even better. If it will be tenth place, but we did a good job, we have to accept it."

Reflecting finally on his shock Italian result - "It was fantastic - the pictures, the emotions, the feelings...simply unbelievable" - Vettel admits that having got a taste for victory champagne, he is now eager for more. More wins for F1's history-maker surely beckon; championships too, quite possibly.

"I knew that the only chance to eventually win - or to stay in front and score a podium - was to attack every single lap," he related, "so that's what I did. I was always on the edge and at many times very close to losing the car. If you misjudge a braking point after a long straight, which is something that could have easily happened as even in the rain you had a speed of around 320km/h there, the dream could have been over within a blink of an eye.

"In the end, though, I didn't make any mistakes and we had the speed and the pace. The rain helped us because under normal dry conditions we would not have had the chance to win a race, but in the end the conditions were the same for everybody and we did the best job. We had the best pace, we had the best package over the weekend - both on Saturday and Sunday - so we deserved to win.

"There was no luck involved; no cars retired in front of me; there was no safety car that would have put us in a stronger position strategy-wise. It was a clean race with no problems. The 'big boys' had their chance and they didn't use it. There was a chance for us to win a race and we were there to take it.

"When I crossed the line at the chequered flag I still could not believe what had just happened. It was a fantastic day for the team and myself. We are not one of the big teams so it was a big surprise for everyone - including ourselves!

"We didn't have much time for a big celebration as the team had to go to Jerez to prepare for the test and we don't have the capacity of the big teams to run a test and race team - but at the end of the season we will have a big party to make up for that!

"There is obviously a big difference between winning a race and winning a championship, because what makes a champion is the fact that the guy scored the most points throughout a whole season and that requires consistency and a competitive car. Otherwise, you would have no chance of fighting for the title.

"Now we are in the midfield and that obviously disqualifies us from fighting for the title, but my target is one day to be in a very strong car in order to become eligible for the title bout. Whatever car you have in a race, you need to accept it and simply give your best performance. I always try to do my best whatever car I am in, in whatever situation."