In a surprising admission, reigning Formula 1 World Champion Kimi Raikkonen has confessed that it 'makes no difference' to him who deposes him from his throne in the season-ending Brazilian Grand Prix - despite one of the two pretenders being his team-mate Felipe Massa.

The Finn - who has endured a torrid defence of his hard-won crown this year - has been put at Massa's disposal since his own title chances ended several races ago.

In the Chinese Grand Prix in Shanghai at the weekend he surrendered second place to the Brazilian in the closing stages to afford his fellow Ferrari driver two potentially crucial extra points.

Whilst he knows he may be called upon to help Massa again at Interlagos in just under a fortnight's time, Raikkonen insists that at the end of the day he is not really bothered about whether it is his team-mate or McLaren-Mercedes rival Lewis Hamilton who ultimately lifts the laurels.

"For Felipe and Ferrari, it would be nice if he wins the title," the recently-turned 29-year-old told German broadcaster RTL, "but quite honestly, it makes no difference to me who wins."

Earlier this year Massa had stated that he and Raikkonen 'are not friends' and 'have no private relationship' [see separate story - click here].