Lewis Hamilton is not dwelling on events at Interlagos twelve months ago as he prepares for a second bite at the Formula One world title, claiming that circumstances are different this time around.

Although there are a several similarities to the 2007 title fight, with Hamilton heading to the final round seven points clear of a rival from Ferrari, the Briton insists that he has been able to come to Brazil with a completely different mindset after romping to victory in the Chinese Grand Prix two weeks ago.

Although Interlagos is expected to favour Felipe Massa, both in terms of mechanical performance and crowd support, Hamilton only has to finish fifth on Sunday and, without the added complication of a third player in the championship race, admits that it will be easier to focus that it was a year ago.

"I think it's quite a bit different to last year, simply because we came here and I'd had one bad race, so it was all a bit hectic and the pressure of being at the last race was upon me - and perhaps it got to me," the McLaren man reflected.

"This year, I feel it's just another race. We've come from a great race in China and I know that, here, we will be just as strong, if not a little bit stronger. It looks positive and, again, my approach is the same as in the last race. We are just here to do the best job we can - we're not looking at it and saying that we have to do anything again. We don't really have much pressure on us, we just have to do a good job, regardless of whether we win.

"I think it quite similar to every championship you do. For me, it is just another race, that's the way to approach it and that's how I did it in the past. It is exciting, and everyone enjoys the last race - it is great for the spectators, great for the fans, for the media, for the team, for everyone. We will give it the best shot we can as a team collectively and hopefully we can come out on top."

The Briton also shrugged off suggestions that he could be the target of foul play on race day, dismissing suggestions by former team owner Eddie Jordan that removing the McLaren from contention might be the best - or only - way for Massa to win.

"I don't really read much what people say, so I don't pay too much attention to it," Hamilton said of newspaper stories in the week leading up to the race, "I believe every driver that's here is a great sportsman and we're all very competitive, so I just have to trust and believe in everybody and hope that we can have a fair, straight race. That's what motor racing is all about and that's why I race, that's what makes it so exciting."

Asked whether he would be factoring the constructors' championship into his race plan on Sunday, Hamilton admitted that he would not be letting the battle between McLaren and Ferrari affect his concentration.

"It's not so important but, as a team, we would love to win, so we will do the best job - that's what racing's about," he reasoned, "It is quite simple really, we are here to win, but we don't have to win, so that is a pressure off our shoulders.

"We come here with a strong package and with a hope that we can challenge for a win and we will do the best job we can. We have not come here to finish further down the order, but we obviously know that it is not do or die.

"It would be great for the team to win, and I think the team deserve it as they have worked so hard, especially when you think about all the people that, collectively, made the two cars competitive throughout the season with a remarkable reliability. It is just down to their solid job and it would be great to give them the championship, but we will do the best job we can and see what the result is."

Massa won the Brazilian race two years ago and was the perfect foil as team-mate Kimi Raikkonen clinched the 2007 world title despite the odds being against him, but Hamilton is unconcerned by the perception that Ferrari might have the upper hand again this time around, claiming that he was looking forward to tackling the challenging layout for the second time.

"I love this track, it has always been one I've liked," he insisted, "I think I learnt it from a computer game years and years ago, me and my brother used to play it. Just watching it over the years, it was always a spectacular race to watch, whether it was raining or whether it was dry.

"When I came here last year and actually drove the circuit, it felt like a real racing circuit. It is quite bumpy in some areas, but it has got a nice combination of corners. It is not too long but it is not too short. It has a great long straight, so there are areas to overtake. It really has a lot of character. We don't really see too many circuits like this which have so much character, so I like it."