Questions from the floor

Q: (Juha P??talo - Financial Times Deutschland)
Felipe, after having some problems especially in qualifying in Japan and China, you seem to have been very relaxed all weekend. Your body language has been very relaxed and today you are on pole by a big margin. Are you yourself wondering why everything is going so smoothly this time?

Felipe Massa:
I don't know, I'm just trying to feel the moment, without putting any extra pressure on my mind. I think racing is racing; you know what you have to do, your best on the track. Outside, for sure, there's always big expectation, there's always big pressure, but I think it's not because I'm fighting for the championship or it's my home race that you need to change your approach. Your approach has to be the same. For sure, your energy is much more, it's huge and the energy I have here gives me extra motivation, so I try to use everything, even positives and negatives around this expectation, to try to turn that into positive energy and give me even more motivation, so that's what I've done during the whole week and will still be trying to do even more for tomorrow.

Q: (Rodrigo Franca - VIP Magazine)
Felipe, ten years ago you were here at Interlagos sort of acting as a delivery boy for the Benetton team and now you have a good chance to win here again in Brazil in front of our home crowd. Would the title be the perfect ending for this dream that became true?

Well, the title is a dream for everybody. It's not because of being a delivery boy, it's not because of anything, it's just because we are drivers and we love to do what we are doing. We race to win, we don't race to finish second, and if you can win, it's like a dream come true. My dream was always to become a Formula One driver and then to drive in a competitive car, to win my first race. I'm already a very lucky guy to win many races and having the possibility to win in Brazil again. I still can't imagine how it would be if I can win the championship at home, I cannot imagine.

Q: (Rodrigo Gini - O Estado de Minas)
Felipe, as the rain possibility still remains, have you and the team thought about it in setting up the car? Have you taken it into account or if it rains do you need to race with a car which is not completely suited to the conditions?

I don't think we are in the position to say we prefer dry or wet. We prefer the perfect conditions to help us to win the race and maybe to help us with our competitors. We are not in a position to say we prefer this or that. If it's coming for a good reason, that's it. If it's coming for a bad reason, that's racing.

Q: (Rodrigo Gini - O Estado de Minas)
Do you think that the difference between you and Hamilton is only due to fuel strategy or is there something more?

I think we were pretty strong yesterday, this morning, and I think I would have been surprised if they were a lot heavier than us.

Q: (Michael Schmidt - Auto Motor und Sport)
Felipe, in Q2 you saved a set of tyres. How important is that on this type of circuit?

It's important. New tyres here are always better, so for sure it's good to have new tyres for the race but first of all we need to decide which tyres we are going to use and then if we are going to use the softs, for sure it's very good to have one spare set. If we are going to use the hard, we still have new tyres, so we will see. We need to analyse everything and take the decision.

Q: (Fulvio Solms - Corriere dello Sport)
Felipe and Kimi, do you think that this grid creates extra pressure on Hamilton, and how strong is this pressure?

I think so. I think the pressure is on his shoulders because I have nothing to lose. I am already second in the championship. It doesn't just depend on ourselves as we've said many times, so I think the pressure is on his shoulders for sure and we will see.

Kimi Raikkonen:
I have nothing to add.

Q: (Byron Young - The Daily Mirror)
Felipe, could I ask you about events a couple of nights ago with Lewis Hamilton. A couple of Brazilian comedians turned up at a Johnnie Walker function and they threw a black cat for bad luck on stage to him, and then later on threw a Vasco shirt as well, the team that comes second.

I don't know about this. Do you follow football? No? Sport is like that. The tifosi try to do everything to help and to support people. I cannot respond for my tifosi, I can only respond for myself. I think that's part of the sport. I think if somebody went and hurt him I would be very disappointed but I think that's part of the sport. It's nothing different compared to other sports. Everybody supports what they want to support. You have some nice people in whatever country, you have some bad people, you have some people who want to joke, some people who really want to support. It's not different in Brazil.

Q: (Byron Young - The Daily Mirror)
So if that happened to you at Silverstone you wouldn't be surprised or dismayed?

Well, I would keep my own way, so I don't care.

Q: (Roberto Cattani - ANSA)
It looks like the cars are shaking less this year. Is the track better?

Jarno Trulli:
I think it was already better last year.

Last year, it was already the same asphalt, it was quite good.


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