The announcement that Euro Disney has withdrawn its bid to host the French Grand Prix is a 'good thing' for French motorsport, according to 1972 Monaco Grand Prix winner, Jean-Pierre Beltoise.

Beltoise, who competed in Formula 1 from 1966-1974, racing for Matra and BRM, told French newspaper L'Equipe earlier this week that alternate plans to host the race in Paris' northern suburbs - a project he is closely involved with - is a much better proposition.

"It's a good thing for French motor sport [that the Euro Disney bid collapsed]," he confirmed. "In Paris we don't have a circuit for racing and testing.

"The Disneyland project was for a temporary track and it would only have been used three or four days of the year.

"From this point of view then the abandonment is good news as the investment can now be used for a proper racing circuit, which can be used all year round."

The 71-year-old meanwhile also added that the people behind the Sarcelles proposal are already in contact with Formula 1 boss Bernie Ecclestone.

Indeed Beltoise reckons a deal could be struck by the end of the year, something that could pave the way for the French GP to return in 2010.

"I cannot say that a deal is sorted, but we are in talks with Bernie Ecclestone. I know that the project interests him. We are waiting to see what happens - and we will have an answer in a few weeks from now," he summed-up.