Three Formula 1 teams have cast doubt upon the legality of Ferrari's new F60 ahead of the forthcoming world championship campaign - questioning whether or not the car conforms to the FIA's 2009 regulations.

It has been claimed that the new machine - launched at Mugello early last week and currently conducting its initial tests at the same circuit - features exterior rear exhaust outlets that are in contravention of the new technical rules.

Following concerns expressed by both Mercedes-Benz Motorsport Vice-President Norbert Haug and recently-appointed BMW-Sauber managing director Walter Riedl, Toyota general chassis manager Pascal Vasselon has also made public his unease about Maranello's new challenger.

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"The Ferrari has a few illegal features, like the exhaust pipe," the Frenchman told the BBC. "We expect that to change as it is outside the regulations."