Honda will not supply engines to the Sauber F1 team for the 2018 F1 season, it has been confirmed.

The Swiss team signed a deal in May that was set to see Honda supply its V6 Hybrid power units for the 2018 F1 season but recent upheavals in Sauber's management structure has led to the agreement being axed just two months later.

In a short statement, new Sauber team principal Frederic Vasseur confirmed 'strategic reasons' were its reasons for cancelling the agreement.

"It is very unfortunate that we have to discontinue the planned collaboration with Honda at this stage. However, this decision has been made for strategic reasons, and with the best intent for the future of the Sauber F1 Team in mind. We would like to thank Honda for their collaboration, and wish them all the best for their future in Formula One."

It is believed Sauber's owners intervened on the deal after releasing Monisha Kaltenborn - the architect of the Honda agreement - from her position as team principal, to be replaced by Vasseur earlier this month.

Though the move puts Honda's participation in F1 in doubt as its sole other customer McLaren weighs up its options, it is understood non-availability of options at Mercedes or Ferrari will lead it to continue its relationship.


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Disaster averted.

So tell us, what is the "strategic" management plan for Sauber? Build their own engine? Not in this formula! With the Honda engine should come a healthy budget to help them make up development. Or does their management think keeping the old Ferrari engines and looking for another buyer is the "way forward"? Bit of a mystery, what?

Think Sauber will regret sticking with year old Ferrari engines as Honda will enventually come good in reliability terms then will concentrate on power which admitedly won't be easy matching Ferrari and Merc but Ferrari seem to have got there over the winter so no reason to think Honda won't also get there (eventually). Not sure what potential deal Sauber might have been discussing with Honda but if it was a free engine deal against paying Ferrari I suspect they'll be kicking themselves this time next year.

/hopes McLaren stick with Honda for the sake of the sport and potential to eventually win again before 2021

ProfessorDave: Sauber becomes official Ferrari Junior Team[\blockquote]
I thought that was Haas.

Renault could be supplying then pending how bad relations are with FV before he left. I imagine Ferrari could free engines in return to run one of their youth drivers.

I do not seen ME staying around after this season. PW might stay on.
Sauber could end up as the youth development team getting funding from all sorts of different manufacturers

The current lack of competitive engines in F1 and the decision by Audi and now Porsche and Mercedes to go Formula E racing points to a big crisis for F1. They have had plenty of time to make the series competitive and relevant but have failed dismally. Unless new engine suppliers and teams come forward for the new engine formula in 2021? i can see Mercedes at least calling it a day. They will deny it and already have into relation to remarks by Eddie Jordan but you have to think that their continuing dominant position in F1 will lead them to go elseware. Much, much cheaper and a very competitive and expanding series.

No big deal, don't suppose either side could do much for the other.
I'm watching the McLaren situation with interest, auctioning off the family silver does not look like a good sign. I think that Honda will finally get their bums in gear, but when goodness knows. It will be a very expensive exercise including more dosh to keep McLaren F1 going.

Could Williams do to McLaren what McLaren did to them in the late '80's and steal the works deal just as the engine starts to come good?

Granted I'm assuming that this generation of Honda engine could ever become good instead of the steaming turd that it currently is

Sauber becomes official Ferrari Junior Team

common sense prevails at Sauber