Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff has stressed the importance of Formula 1's manufacturer rivals putting their competitive battles to one side in order to help the sport grow and become stronger.

Mercedes has seen its rivalry with Ferrari reach a new height in 2017 as they battle for both F1 championships, with tension brewing over a change in oil burn rules that come into force for the Italian Grand Prix.

While teams have been known to act in self-interest in the past and refuse to make concessions that may have aided F1 as a whole, Wolff stressed the importance of working together at a time when the sport is looking to forge a fresh path and define its future under new owners Liberty Media.

"I’m not going to let the sport ruin a respect that I have for a personality off-track. I like the analogy to rugby: that you can be fierce and tough competitors and trying to punch each other during the match and win with all the necessary emotions, but you’re still able to have a beer afterwards," Wolff said.

"This is the attitude that we’ve had over the years: that we can be fierce competitors and we wouldn’t want to have a coffee during the race with each other.

"But it’s necessary. We are all stakeholders in this giant platform. And if this giant platform is successful, it makes the teams successful and it makes the sport successful and we are all benefitting from this.

"I think in the past – not only in the past, still today – there are individuals that are very narrow-mindedly focused on Formula 1 as is there was nothing else besides it. And the truth is that there are many interests that we share besides the fierce competition on track.

"And Formula 1 is at a crucial point with new shareholders, with new management. We all want the sport to do well and it is necessary that we are capable to sit around a table and discuss the sport, and be able to take our Ferrari or Mercedes or Sauber head off and say what in this particular situation is important for us to understand in terms of doing good for the sport.

"And this is the discussion we are having regularly, and this is influencing our relationship."


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What 'sport'? F1 has long given up on being a sport and considers itself a show, entertainment! S long as they have that attitude nothing will change. Like with so many things less would be more but that's a hard thing to swallow if you have hundreds of millions behind you. The drivers are spoilt overpaid Sissies with no real personality of their own and the teams are selfish to the nth degree because they have to make a profit and any advantage once gained has to be defended even to the detriment of the whole show. I now only watch the highlights of one wants to call it that. I do not have the patience or intrest or time for a whole race. Nothing ever happens anyway. 

Well, DaddyRat, I think the drivers might disgree with your calling F1 some kind of sham or show. As for the drivers being spoiled, I suppose you are speaking from your many years as an F1 driver. Bottom line here bucko, is that your are entitled to your narrow and distorted opinion but not your own facts. If you are unhappy with F1, go away. Don't watch it. Don't comment about it. F1 does not care about you, your preferences or your disrespect for the drivers. Go back to NASCAR.