As the saying goes 12 months is a long time in sport and Liberty Media is set to celebrate a year on from taking over from Bernie Ecclestone’s reign in Formula 1, how would you assess their progress?

F1 team bosses are preparing for meetings with Liberty who will present their future vision for the sport in December with topics expected to range from financial restructuring to sporting rule tweaks.

Liberty’s maiden year in charge has been highlighted by a wider freedom across its social media channels, a new logo and the F1 Live event in London’s Trafalgar Square as build-up to the British Grand Prix with 19 of the 20 drivers driving on the city streets.

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Further fan events have increased at circuits during race weekends with attendances speculated to be up on last season.

Despite encouraging early signs, rumours of deeper change to F1 are in the pipeline while Ferrari issued a quit threat this year plus the F1 driver entry at the US Grand Prix being hit with a mixed reception - not to mention the new logo revealed in Abu Dhabi.

How would you rate Liberty’s opening term in charge of F1? Do you miss “Ecclestone’s hand grenades” – to quote Mercedes boss Toto Wolff – or is the future bright for the sport?

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LM managed to break MR E records as to money take of F1.

to be honest, i think that liberty is not good for f1.  their only interest is in money.  some of their ideas, such as usgp were cringeworthy.

if they really want to get more watching the sport, they have the ability to show it live on tv through their own free channel, eurosport.

They promised, or at we hoped, for so much more. They have put a coat of paint over some issues but overall failed to hit the big issues. The biggest issue to the general public is that races are often a monotonous procession. If they were serious about changing that, attention should be put into the aero of the rear of the car which is partially deliberately designed to disrupt airflow to following cars. I also agree with Christian that a F1 race car is not a glorified roadcar and does not need to be relevant to it. Throw out the turbo and throw in a V8, just making it louder is like turning up the volume on a Maria Carey song - it's still awful just louder. Adopt some tech too Liberty, I want to be able to watch the whole race in 3D on my Occulus Rift from any car I choose. Also learn from Tilke's blunders like Abu Dhabi.