Questions from the floor:

Q: (Alastair Himmer - Reuters)
Robert, your thoughts about the Canadian Grand Prix being dropped from the calendar. It was obviously a special event for you.

Robert Kubica:
This was the latest news that I heard this morning. Well, it's not my decision. Of course, I would like to race again in Canada as I won this year and last year we were also very strong: Nick finished second. That's how it is and we will see.

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Q: (Dan Knutson - National Speed Sport News)
Robert, how important is it for you to have continuity with your team-mate?

I think I have quite a lot of experience working with Nick. I think we are doing a good job. Of course a new team-mate will give you some new information and maybe there is new stuff you can learn from it but I think Nick is doing a good job, so there is no point from my side not to be happy that he is again with me and we are racing together. I think we are in a good position for next year, we know each other pretty well and we know the team, so the continuity is very important as teamwork together, and that's what we are trying to do.

Q: (Adam Hay-Nicholls - Metro)
Robert, how did you get on in your recent bowling tournament?

(Laughs) Pretty OK. I take bowling as a fun thing. Lately I have played some top level tournaments, like the European bowling tour. It was just because my friends were playing there, so I joined them. It was OK. In Vienna I played pretty well. I was a bit sick, so not in the best condition but it was still quite a good challenge and good fun.

Q: (Adam Hay-Nicholls - Metro)
Where did you come overall in Vienna?

I don't know the exact position but I qualified for the finals, so the top 64 out of 320 players, I think.

Q: (Dan Knutson - National Speed Sport News)
Could I ask the other three drivers about Montreal, one of the greatest cities we go to. The track was breaking up, so that was a shame, so what are your thoughts about not going back to Montreal?

Jenson Button:
I've obviously spent a few years racing in Montreal. I love the city. I think it's a great city and you're right, it's one of the best races to go for, for the nightlife - it's a lot of fun. The circuit itself? As you said, it was breaking up quite a bit over the last couple of years and causing a lot of marbles and difficulties for us. It's always sad seeing a circuit go. We get a holiday now in the summer which is quite nice, but it's sad to see it go, for sure. I don't know the reasons behind it but for sure I will miss the city, Montreal, probably more than the circuit.

Kazuki Nakajima:
I think it's very sad news as well...

The steaks man, the steaks are good.

... I think it's very sad news as well. I raced there only once this year. I think our car has been very competitive every time there, so it's a bit of a downside for our team for next year. Even though the circuit was breaking up and there were a lot of problems, the race itself has always been very exciting. As Jenson said, it's good to have a summer break but at the same time missing Canada is probably not the best thing.

Timo Glock:
As everybody has said, it's a shame we've lost Canada. For me, I had really good memories every time. I scored two points in my first Formula One race in Canada. I was on the podium in Champ Car and this year again I had a really good result in position four. It was one of the best races on the calendar and it's a shame we will be missing it.

Q: (Yuki Ishihara - Sankei Sports)
Kazuki-san, I saw you walking on the race track this morning. Did you find anything interesting during your inspection?

Not really. I knew the track from 2005 and I don't think it's changed much. They've put some artificial grass on the outside of turn three and the entry of the pit lane. These two places are the only places that have been changed, I think. We will see what is going to happen tomorrow. The track walk reminded me how the track was and how to drive it. It's going to be the first time I drive it with an F1 car properly, so we will see.

Q: (MC)
Have you done a lot of racing here in other formulae in the past?

Only in 2005. I twice did Formula Three and twice Japanese GT and once with a touring car in an endurance race, so I did quite a lot of races and the results were pretty good sometimes. It will be exciting.

Q: (MC)
Timo, you raced in Suzuka, have you raced here before?

No, it's the first time for me here and I'm looking forward to tomorrow for the first laps. There are a couple of quite interesting corners, it will be interesting to see how it goes.