The FIA and promoters of European Formula 3 have agreed revisions to the 2017 technical regulations, with a key addition of data sharing between all drivers.

In a statement released by the FIA, all teams have agreed to share information on throttle, brake and speed after the first qualifying session. The same respective data from the fastest lap of the fastest driver from each of the two quickest teams will be published to all competitors.

The move has been made in the hope of helping less experienced teams in order to generate closer competition among drivers throughout the grid.

Other changes introduced to make Euro F3 a fairer playing field include banning private testing days at circuits on the current championship calendar. In addition, caps on the number of staff, trucks and facilities has been implemented to keep costs down and make the competition fairer for smaller teams.

Drivers' eligibility to race in Euro F3 has also been tweaked with a maximum age limit of 25 for the new season to keep the focus on young drivers coming up the ranks, while the maximum number of Euro F3 seasons a driver can enter has been upped to four. Prize money has also been increased with entry fees decreased to open the series to more competitors.

The engine development freeze has been implemented until December 2019 while a ban on any wind tunnel testing has been enforced by the FIA.

The full Euro F3 regulations for 2017 can be found here.


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