1. Jean-Karl Vernay Signature Dallara-Volkswagen 41m 01.954s 24 laps
2. Christian Vietoris Mucke Dallara-Mercedes +1.289s
3. Jules Bianchi ART Grand Prix Dallara-Mercedes +8.209s
4. Mika Maki Signature Dallara-Volkswagen +8.698s
5. Stefano Coletti Prema Powerteam Dallara-Mercedes +9.721s
6. Sam Bird Mucke Dallara-Mercedes +9.890s
7. Atte Mustonen Motopark Academy Dallara-Mercedes +11.180s
8. Alex Sims* Mucke Dallara-Mercedes +17.173s
9. Henkie Waldschmidt SG Formula Dallara-Mercedes +21.865s
10. Roberto Mehri Manor Dallara-Mercedes +29.018s
11. Robert Wickens Kolles & Heinz Dallara-Volkswagen +30.180s
12. Matteo Chinosi Prema Powerteam Dallara-Mercedes +40.395s
13. Basil Shaaban Prema Powerteam Dallara-Mercedes +42.477s
14. Pedro Enrique Manor Dallara-Mercedes +50.945s
15. Kevin Mirocha HBR Motorsport Dallara-Mercedes +1 lap
16. Valtteri Bottas* ART Grand Prix Dallara-Mercedes +1 lap
17. Tiago Geronimi* Signature Dallara-Volkswagen +4 laps

Not classified:

18. Alexandre Marsoin SG Formula Dallara-Mercedes 16 laps completed
19. Brendon Hartley Carlin Dallara-Volkswagen 16 laps completed
20. Esteban Gutierrez ART Grand Prix Dallara-Mercedes 15 laps completed
21. Andres Caldarelli* SG Formula Dallara-Mercedes 14 laps completed
22. Jonny Cecotto HBR Motorsport Dallara-Mercedes 12 laps completed
23. Christopher Zanella* Motopark Academy Dallara-Mercedes 12 laps completed
24. Adrien Tambay* ART Grand Prix Dallara-Mercedes 12 laps completed
25. Carlo van Dam Kolles & Heinz Dallara-Volkswagen 7 laps completed
26. Marco Wittmann* Mucke Dallara-Mercedes 0 laps completed
27. Cesar Ramos* Manor Dallara-Mercedes 0 laps completed
28. Jake Rosenweig* Carlin Dallara-Volkswagen 0 laps completed

[* denotes Rookie driver eligible for Rookie Cup]


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