Nelson Piquet Junior [Piquet Sports] takes pole for round 8 of the British F3 championship at Knockhilll; Richard Antinucci [Carlin] is second; Jamie Green [Carlin] third; Steven Kane [T-Sport] takes the Scholarship class pole - fourth overall.

Qualifying times - Rd. 8 - Knockhill:

1. Nelson Piquet Junior C Piquet Sports Dallara-Mugen 47.366s
2. Richard Antinucci C Carlin Dallara-Mugen 47.407s
3. Jamie Green C Carlin Dallara-Mugen 47.448s
4. Steven Kane S T-Sport Dallara-Mugen 47.549s
5. Clivio Piccione C Manor Dallara-Mugen 47.555s
6. Ernesto Viso S Sweeney Dallara-Mugen 47.557s
7. Alan van der Merwe C Carlin Dallara-Mugen 47.560s
8. Michael Keohane C Promatecme Dallara-Mugen 47.660s
9. Will Davison C ADR Dallara-Mugen 47.701s
10. Ronnie Bremer C Carlin Dallara-Mugen 47.715s
11. Robert Dahlgren C Fortec Dallara-Renault 47.760s
12. Stefano Fabi C Manor Dallara-Mugen 47.765s
13. Rob Austin C Menu F3 Dallara-Opel 47.783s
14. Billy Asaro C P1 Motorsport Dallara-Opel 47.828s
15. Danny Watts C Hitech Dallara-Renault 47.876s
16. Karun Chandhok S T-Sport Dallara-Mugen 47.905s
17. Christian England S Promatecme Dallara-Mugen 47.954s
18. Ernani Judice C Promatecme Dallara-Mugen 47.979s
19. Eric Salignon C Hitech Dallara-Renault 48.037s
20. Andrew Thompson C Hitech Dallara-Renault 48.123s
21. Fauzy Fairuz C Team SYR Dallara-Opel 47.158s
22. Scott Speed C ADR Dallara-Mugen 48.179s
23. Ivor McCullough S Meritus Dallara-Mugen 48.236s
24. Rizal Ramli C Team SYR Dallara-Opel 48.590s
25. Tor Graves C Manor Dallara-Mugen 48.596s
26. Fauzy Fairuz C Team SYR Dallara-Opel 50.364s

Weather / Track conditions: Cloudy / dry.

C denotes - Championship class
S denotes - Scholarship class


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