Qualifying times for the opening F3 race of the weekend at Knockhill.

1. Alvaro Parente POR Dallara F305 Mugen-Honda 46.923secs C
2. Mike Conway GBR Dallara Opel Spiess 47.009secs C
3. Steven Kane GBR Lola B05/30 Mugen-Honda 47.079secs C
4. Ryan Lewis GBR Dallara F305 Mugen-Honda 47.124secs C
5. Christian Bakkerud DEN Dallara F305 Mugen-Honda 47.196secs C
6. Charlie Kimball USA Dallara F305 Mugen-Honda 47.293secs C
7. Marko Asmer EST Dallara F305 Mugen-Honda 47.302secs C
8. Tim Bridgman GBR Dallara F305 Mugen-Honda 47.373secs C
9. Dan Clarke GBR Dallara F305 Mugen-Honda 47.410secs C
10. Danilo Dirani BRA Lola B05/30 Mugen Honda 47.467secs C
11. Charlie Hollings GBR Lola-Dome F106/4 Mugen Honda 47.506secs N
12. James Walker GBR Dallara F305 Opel Spiess 47.542secs C
13. Bruno Senna BRA Dallara F305 Mugen-Honda 47.679secs C
14. Stephen Jelley GBR Dallara F305 Opel Spiess 47.770secs C
15. Ronayne O'Mahony IRL Dallara F305 Opel Spiess 47.872secs C
16. Barton Mawer AUS Dallara F304 Mugen-Honda 47.988secs N
17. Juho Annala FIN Dallara F304 Mugen-Honda 48.124secs N
18. Josh Fisher GBR Dallara F304 Mugen-Honda 48.126secs N
19. Jonathan Kennard GBR Dallara F304 Mugen-Honda 48.395secs N
20. Keiko Ihara JPN Dallara F305 Mugen-Honda 48.539secs C
21. Nick Jones USA Dallara F304 Mugen-Honda 49.774secs N
22. Salvador Duran MEX Dallara F304 Mugen-Honda 50.412secs N
23. Cheong Lou Meng MAC Dallara F304 Mugen-Honda 50.760secs N
24. Ricardo Teixeira ANG Dallara F304 Mugen-Honda 55.355secs N


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