1. Lucas di Grassi Manor Dallara-Mercedes 1m 23.009s
2. Lewis Hamilton ASM F3 Dallara-Mercedes 1m 23.115s
3. Paul di Resta Manor Dallara-Mercedes 1m 23.134s
4. Sebastian Vettel ASL Mucke Dallara-Mercedes 1m 23.461s R
5. Adrian Sutil ASM F3 Dallara-Mercedes 1m 23.708s
6. Marco Bonanomi Prema Powerteam Dallara-Opel 1m 23.949s
7. Franck Perera Prema Powerteam Dallara-Opel 1m 23.965s
8. Greg Franchi Prema Powerteam Dallara-Opel 1m 24.006s
9. Guillaume Moreau Signature Dallara-Opel 1m 24.029s R
10. Atila Abreu ASL Mucke Dallara-Mercedes 1m 24.045s R#
11. Giedo van der Garde Team Rosberg Dallara-Opel 1m 24.082s
12. Loic Duval Signature-Plus Dallara-Opel 1m 24.186s
13. James Rossiter Signature-Plus Dallara-Opel 1m 24.209s
14. Hannes Neuhauser HBR Dallara-Mercedes 1m 24.230s
15. Esteban Guerrieri Midland Euroseries Dallara-Toyota 1m 24.348s R
16. Danny Watts HBR Dallara-Opel 1m 24.398s
17. Kohei Hirate Team Rosberg Dallara-Opel 1m 24.443s
18. Alejandro Nunez HBR Dallara-Opel 1m 24.668s
19. Fabio Carbone Signature SLC R1-Opel 1m 24.881s#
20. Filip Salaquarda Team I.S.R. Dallara-Opel 1m 25.056s
21. Thomas Holzer AM-Holzer Rennsport Dallara-Opel 1m 25.176s
22. Stephan Jelley Toms Dallara-Toyota 1m 25.377s
23. Julia Kuhn N/A Dallara-Opel 1m 26.376s

R - denotes Rookie.

# denotes had fastest lap cancelled.


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