NB. Christian Vietoris finished second but he was not classified. In qualifying, his car was found to be 0.8 kg underweight, for which he was disqualified. As his team appealed against the decision, he was allowed to start. According to the regulations, however, he doesn't appear in the results.

1. Nico Hulkenberg ART Grand Prix Dallara-Mercedes 41mins 22.235secs 23 laps
2. Renger van der Zande Prema Powerteam Dallara-Mercedes +8.702secs
3. Mika Maki Mucke Dallara-Mercedes +14.499secs R
4. Stefano Coletti Prema Powerteam Dallara-Mercedes +15.885secs R
5. Jean-Karl Vernay Signature-Plus Dallara-Volkswagen +17.821secs
6. Koudai Tsukakoshi Manor Dallara-Mercedes +22.904secs
7. Jules Bianchi ART Grand Prix Dallara-Mercedes +23.614secs R
8. Erik Janis Mucke Dallara-Mercedes +31.436secs R
9. Dani Clos Prema Powerteam Dallara-Mercedes +32.434secs
10. Henkie Waldschmidt SG Formula Dallara-Mercedes +36.208secs R
11. James Jakes ART Grand Prix Dallara-Mercedes +43.202secs
12. Edoardo Mortara Signature-Plus Dallara-Volkswagen +44.057secs
13. Yann Clairay SG Formula Dallara-Mercedes +44.786secs
14. Daniel Campos-Hull HBR Motorsport Dallara-Mercedes +45.500secs R
15. Cong fu Cheng RC Motorsport Dallara-Volkswagen +51.869secs R
16. Sam Bird Manor Dallara-Mercedes +52.508secs
17. Franck Mailleux Signature-Plus Dallara-Volkswagen +58.365secs
18. Richard Philippe SG Formula Dallara-Mercedes +58.951secs R
19. Frederic Vervisch RC Motorsport Dallara-Volkswagen +1min 00.368secs
20. Basil Shaaban HBR Motorsport Dallara-Mercedes +1min 05.700secs
21. Stephane Richelmi Barazi Epsilon Dallara-Mercedes +1min 13.167secs R
22. Jens Klingmann RC Motorsport Dallara-Volkswagen +1min 18.078secs R
23. Robert Wickens Signature-Plus Dallara-Volkswagen +1min 21.190secs R#

Not classified:

DNF. Oliver Oaks Carlin Dallara-Mercedes 8 laps completed
DNF. Jon Lancaster ART Grand Prix Dallara-Mercedes 0 laps completed R
DNF. Brendon Hartley Carlin Dallara-Mercedes 0 laps completed
DNF. Kazuya Oshima Manor Dallara-Mercedes 0 laps completed

Fastest lap:

Nico Hulkenberg ART Grand Prix Dallara-Mercedes 1m 34.221s Lap 17

R denotes Rookie driver eligible for Rookie Cup
# Robert Wickens was handed a 35 sec penalty for speeding in the pit lane.


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