Felipe Massa says he won’t make a potential full-time move to Formula E until next season under the premise he can secure a race seat which gives him a chance to fight for the title.

The new 2017-18 Formula E championship got underway this weekend, a week after Massa’s final Formula 1 race, with all race seats taken up for the campaign. While Massa isn’t against the idea of taking on replacement entries into this season’s Formula E if the opportunity appears the Brazilian driver isn’t focusing on a full-time switch until next season at the earliest.

With effectively 12 months until the start of the next season, Massa is content to fill his time with other races as well as media and sponsor work along with spending more time with his family.

“I don't think I will race in Formula E [in 2017-18] because it's just starting now and most of the teams have their drivers,” Massa said. “I want to race in the championship where I believe I can be on top, fighting for the races, for the victories and where I can be fighting for the championship, so I will prepare myself to find the right car, the right team and to start well in the season.

“If I had an opportunity to do a few races then okay but I don't know if I would have the opportunity but the championship is starting and for sure I'm not interested to take the seat of a driver just to be there.

“I have ideas of what to do in the meantime, coming to some races, doing some events, maybe doing a few races in terms of working in television or something like that."

Massa has exclusively competed in Formula 1 since his debut with Sauber back in 2002 and has previously stated he’s keen to remain in single-seater racing rather than switching to sportscars or LMP racing in the World Endurance Championship.


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...that's kinda why he doesn't have a seat in F1 now.

Formula E is a great idea for the simple reason that it isn't hobbled engine technology AND as expensive as the Apollo missions while on many tracks there's virtually no passing. It's a great idea for motorsports and Massa needs to be in a car and racing, not dropping in from time to time and playing Mister Mom. But he'll figure that out when in 2018 he's not even getting invitations to fill in backmarker seats.


any series that has gotten to the point where the cars can't even pass each other unless they're over 1 -1/2sec faster per lap out to be killed-off, plain and simple. It's a waste of time and moey. I would be quite happy to see Ferrari and Mercedes abandon F1.