Reiter Engineering has become the latest team to take the wraps off its 2010-GT1 spec car during the Spa 24 Hours race weekend in the Ardennes.

Following on from the NISMO-developed Nissan GT-R and Matech's Ford GT, the new Lamborghini LP6760 R-SV becomes the third car unveiled that will compete to the new regulations and is based on the Murci?lago LP670-4 model.

"In recent times the price of a GT1 car was around 900,000 euros," series promoter Stephane Ratel said. "Hans [Reiter] just told me that the Murci?lago R-SV will be sold for 480,000 EUR. This car uses a completely standard Lamborghini SV engine, which you can imagine that will be a lot cheaper than a high compression competition engine.

"This is exactly what we wanted for GT1 and we are very pleased with the result."