Leading GT2 outfit CRS Racing is to leave the FIA GT Championship to race elsewhere in 2010.

After two seasons in the series, the British outfit will instead turn its focus to the GT Open Series and the Le Mans Series for the season ahead.

The team has already confirmed one entry into the LMS for Andrew Kirkaldy and Tim Mullen with plans afoot to also run a second car.

The GT Open line-up will see Mullen team with Chris Niarchos and Klaas Hummel and Chris Goodwin share the sister machine. The team has also lodged an entry into the Le Mans 24 Hours.

"There is no particular reason as such," Niarchos told Crash.net of the decision to leave the FIA GT arena. "Part of the reason is that in GT3 last year we had all sorts of mechanical problems with the cars and it became uneconomical to run the Ferrari in the current framework as the cars aren't built by Ferrari and isn't built to be doing what it is at the moment. The car is overstressed and was failing far too often. It either meant we did it and lost money commercially or we got out of it and sold our assets while they were worth something. It was dual economic purposes really.

"As far as GT2 goes, one of our drivers came to us and was deliberating between FIA GT and GT Open and I think he may have been a little intimidated by FIA GT and thought GT Open was the better option. He then approached us and to run one car in FIA GT and one in GT Open again didn't make financial sense so we have almost let him dictate what he wanted to do. FIA is still there and in the background but the chances of us being there are less and less everyday.

"We clearly have an agenda to go to Le Mans and we have put an entry in for the race and with two cars entered in the Le Mans Series [awaiting confirmation at the time of the interview], we are hopefully going to get an entry. Given a choice between Spa and Le Mans, we'd look at going to Le Mans. I don't have any issues with FIA GT as it is a great championship that is well run and professional but the uncertainty of the GT2 category in FIA has made us, and it would appear a lot of our customers, very nervous about how the championship will be."